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 Re: Final preperations for cast day
Pebbles    10:55pm Aug 2 2019

Hi Sarahfx,

I hope you get a good night’s sleep with the added medicine. I think a very important consideration for your recovery is that you have a dedicated caregiver and advocate by your side. Is someone with you now or can you ask a good friend and/or family member to fill that position?

I am not a doctor nor do I know the full extent of your injuries from this terrible accident. What I have read from Dr. Google is that the spica cast (which sounds like what you have described) is used mainly for femoral injuries in children whose bone growth and therefore repair is expected to much occur quicker than adults.

Have the doctors explained in detail the reason for the treatment plan involving the full body cast? If you have any doubts do ask for a second opinion before the cast is applied.

Will you be in the hospital or will you be sent home? If you are discharged you will need someone who can help with toileting, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. You may want to consider wearing disposable underwear to minimize movement for bedpans, etc. There are many no rinse personal cleaning products and wipes that substitute for showering/bathing. You might not be able to reach all parts of your body that need cleaning so again you will need someone who can assist with these functions.

If at home, your living space will need to be rearranged to accommodate your needs. Phone nearby bed, chargers plugged in closeby for electronics, TV positioning so you can see if you watch TV, space to maneuver a device to move you around, etc. You might consider getting a hospital bed that can be raised to make it easier for your caregiver to atttend to you without bending over too much.

I guess whatever you rely on in the hospital should be available for you if you go home - rolling tray, sippy cups, straws, etc.

I hope this helps.

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Longlegs  6:33pm Aug 2 2019
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Pebbles  10:55pm Aug 2 2019
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Katie T.  6:41pm Aug 20 2019

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