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 Dislocated ankle ; broken fibula/tibia/torn ligaments
Zalen Washington (172.58.120.---)   2:59am Aug 10 2019

I have been healthy my entire life and have had no family history of weak tissue or broken bones etc. im 22yr old. Born 12/10/96. I have played soccer for 10 yrs mows. one day in my soccer game I stepped on the soccer ball to drag it back toward me and switch the direction in which I was dribbling.before I could even drag the ball back my ankle rolled off the ball on the ground causing my fibula/ tibia to break. As this is happening my adrenaline is kicked in by now so I end up kinda forcing my bones back together to re-align them. Many people ask ďdid it hurtĒ. My honest answer; I didnít feel it. The only pain that was felt was when the ambulance had to wrap it and lift me up to put me on the stretcher. However, after I was put on the stretcher they took me to the ambulance truck to the hospital UofM hospital Ann Arbor Michigan. I was then x-rayed so the doctor would have a better understanding of where my bones lyed. I was then told Iíd have to get my ankle re-adjusting(all within the same day ,this was a few hours after it happens)so they ended up numbing my ankle cartilage so that I wouldnít feel the readjusting and as the orthopedic used a X-ray machine to view-my bones as he adjusted my ankle back in place I screamed the entire (passing out twice before they were done). After this they wrapped my leg in a plastered cast and got me on my way. A week later I went under an open reduction surgery to fix my tibia and fibula. They labeled it an outpatient surgery so I went home the same day as the surgery. Well only problem was that I had still had an effective nerve block in my leg which kept it pretty numb and stopped my nerves from interacting with each other . So two days following my surgery the nerve block wore off while I was at home and I can only tell you that I under went pain you can never imagine. So I was rushed back to the hospital to get an emergency orthopedic to look at my leg/ankle to make sure nothing happened so he cut off my cast and re assured me it was just pain nerves. They put on another cast and after a week it was taken off and a boot applied in which I can remove and give my foot some air now and try to start putting pressure. Iím now going on my fourth week post fracture and I would like to know if anyone knows when I will or might be able to walk based off their experience. I can stand with both bare feet but however I am not able to walk due to not being able to bear weight on the injured leg by itself.


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 Dislocated ankle ; broken fibula/tibia/torn ligaments  new
Zalen Washington  2:59am Aug 10 2019
 Re: Dislocated ankle ; broken fibula/tibia/torn ligaments  new
Nicola Stan  7:44am Aug 11 2019
 Re: Dislocated ankle ; broken fibula/tibia/torn ligaments  new
Zalen Washington  8:22pm Aug 11 2019
 Re: Dislocated ankle ; broken fibula/tibia/torn ligaments  new
Nicola Stan  10:31am Aug 12 2019
 Re: Dislocated ankle ; broken fibula/tibia/torn ligaments  new
TDH  10:46am Sep 23 2019

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