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 Re: One day of college
Nicola Stan    3:48am Aug 21 2019

Hi Katie T,

Really sorry to hear about your break, I think I'm an 'old timer' breaker - last year tib & fib but not an 'old timer' in life!!!!

My wheel chair helped me immensely during those NWB days / weeks / months. My chair just about squeezed through my internal doors and opened up my kitchen to me - which was amazing after a few weeks stuck on the sofa. I also hired a knee scooter that sort of helped, it hurt too much in the beginning to rest my leg on the comfy cushion but after a while I used that also.

I bathed most days downstairs and got into a sort of routine and definitely took each and every day at a time, even sleeping for more than a few hours was a task. It is quite amazing how you adapt personally in these first few weeks. Each and every day I found I could achieve small tiny things and these I thought were a sign of 'fledgling' - 'bum shuffling' up the stairs (safely) without knocking my leg was an amazing feeling - I hadn't been up the stairs for a while and it seemed I walked into a new home!!! I loved the idea my hubby had about how to shower - his idea was for me to sit naked in the garden and him hose me down......I declined.....but it makes me chuckle, even though at the time I cried.

If anyone offers help, TAKE it, ASK for it.....even it it means someone just sitting next to you for company. My son turned up at my door with a pinapple (?) which made me laugh me guts out - I cried also!!

It's going to be a bit of a roller coaster ride these next few days / weeks - you can't really prepare for this, but please try and be the best friend to yourself and if possible reassure yourself that this terrible time is temporary but you will need to be strong, both physically and mentally. Some days, you may not be strong, and this is totally acceptable.

I'm a year into my break, I've lived through the ups and downs and offer support through this website as at the time I read each and every story going back to 2004 (I think!!) It helped me as each and every person has their own 'break' story.....you will have one too unfortunately.

Take lots of care,


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