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 Re: Trimalleolar
Nicola Stan    4:04am Sep 7 2019

Hello Kathryn,

I'm so sorry for your break and am here to offer support from a fellow 'breaker' from the other side (14 months after my break).

You are quite correct in that your break will bring periods of emotional upheaval - tears as well as feelings of being overwhelmed and feeling alone. I remember I used to worry about how I was going to sleep with the pain, but it's funny how you just 'drift' off - I made good use of an audio book and listened to it all through the night, and if I woke up it would help settle my thoughts. I also practiced meditation and this also helped me drift off into sleep - although extremely interrupted.

Pain wise, I think I also have a high pain threshold and just took paracetamol if my pain became unbearable and after two to three weeks I felt like I could cope with my pain.

Everyone is different with thier broken leg story, how they deal with their pain and emotional struggles, it will take great courage over the next few days / weeks and months.

Take very good care of yourself these next few days and weeks, this site is all about helping and sharing experiences and hopefully theses will help you through.

Have a peaceful and pain free day

Nicky x

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