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 12 week update...
Annette T    1:02pm Sep 10 2019

Had my 12 weeks x-rays and dr appointment today.
For whatever reason (totally forgot to ask if you can believe it) the doctor decided to cut my 2nd cast off and put me in a boot. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it right now. I feel like my foot was never really positioned correctly these last 12 weeks in the cast. Always seemed like my foot was hanging down too low. So they had to really manipulate my foot to close to 90 degrees to get inside this boot. OMG! My foot is literally burning from the pain. My foot and ankle are so stiff from being completely immobilized. This pain is the worse it's ever been...

Anyway...doctor said he sees "some" signs of healing. Nothing to get too excited about but better than at 9 weeks when he said absolutely nothing. Again he said "some" so to me that really means not much at all. He wouldn't show me the x-rays because he said I wouldn't be able to appreciate the signs. Again...translation not much. But again at least it's something.

Dr put an order in for a bone stimulator machine today also. Sounds like a huge undertaking with the insurance company for approvals and stuff and could take a few weeks, but we'll see what happens on that front.

Dr touch my leg where the breaks are and asked if I felt any pain. I didn't and he said that was a good sign.

I'm still NWB because a) I didn't have surgery and b) my breaks are more vertical (spiral) than horizontal and I can't weight bear until there is more healing so the bones don't come apart.

I return in another 3 weeks for more x-rays and appointment. What a long journey...

What did you guys use to help with the dry skin after cast removal? I've had my casts for 12 weeks so you can only imagine my skin...so gross!

Good luck next week Sara at your appointment. Truly hoping for good news for you! For me, I have to keep plugging along I suppose and try and get used to this boot now.

Happy Healing!


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 12 week update...  new
Annette T  1:02pm Sep 10 2019
 Re: 12 week update...  new
missolmoreno  2:28pm Sep 10 2019
 Re: 12 week update...  new
Annette T  2:47pm Sep 10 2019

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