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 Bone that never Heals
Marina    3:21am Oct 15 2019

Hello everyone!

I am a veteran leg breaker, I broke my right Tibia and Fibula in a horseback riding accident on 5/13/2017 and had a plate and screws put in. On 3/15/2019 I broke my left Tibia and Fibula from a fall down the stairs (courtesy of a dog trip) and had an IM Rod and nails inserted.

Because of my first break I thought I completely understood the length of time it took for a bone to heal. By mid-July I was walking and by September was completely mobile again. But this most recent break has been the bone that never heals!

First the orthopedic I was assigned in the ER is horrible! He is 80 years old, hard of hearing and has the bedside manner of a bear woken up from hibernation. Not to mention he managed to cancel and re-schedule my follow-up appointments six times in a row! So for over two months I never saw any doctor and he left me on non-weight bearing status. When I finally saw a doctor, and it wasnít even my doctor, but his partner, their was no bone growth whatsoever. For over 5 months I had this crappy doctor tell me to just give my bones time to heal and they would eventually.

Finally I had enough and went to get a second opinion (I wasnít able to until 3 or more months have passed after surgery because of ďliabilityĒ issues), and low and behold the first surgeon messed up and the bone was too far apart to heal (it was a comminuted break, so my Tibia break was in multiple pieces). So I had surgery again in September 2019 to remove the nails by my ankle, which would cause the rod and bone to push down enough to stimulate healing (I was also given a bone stimulator).

During the surgery, my surgeon also did a bone biopsy and found a bone infection from the rod the first doctor used. Another reason why the bone wasnít healing.

Now after my October follow-up Appointment Iím on antibiotics and a bone stimulator hoping the bone heals enough so I donít have to have a bone graft and external fixator stuck to my leg. But either way Iím going to need surgery again to have the infected rod and nails out. Ugh, 7 months down the line and still waiting for my bone to heal! I can walk now (more like extreme limping), but itís very painful. I just want to be able to walk without pain one day. :(

Thanks for reading my rant,

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Marina  3:21am Oct 15 2019
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