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 "running" with IM nail?
Embonious    3:20am Oct 24 2019

Hi all,
My 13 month check up shows healing to the point that my doc said it's safe to try to run. My fracture lines are still visible, but hazy light gray. I still have, according to my surgeon, about a year to go before complete healing to the point that I can have my hardware removed.
I having been trying to do at least one jog stride throughout the week, and I can't. It's too painful in my knee, and tends to set off the pain for the rest of the day, and I feel a lot of weakness in the calf, despite keeping up with my daily PT exercises. It's frustrating! I've been working out a lot with strength training, which is great! but I'm still at a place where a walk quickly becomes painful, slow, and mentally tough. I really would like to just walk home from work, or on days where I feel sore from my workouts, take a longer, brisk walk instead. But so far, it hasn't been an option for me because of pain. Anything dynamic seems a long way off, and it's getting me down- especially the idea that it could be another full year before I'm back to "normal"- 2+ years in total.
So I'm really curious, has anyone succeeded in getting to a point where they can run (and by run I don't mean anything extensive, just taking a few strides would be enough for me right now) with an IM nail/screws in the leg? Or at the very least, been able to take a faster paced walk, pain free?
On the other hand, I realllllly appreciate my injuries for how much I've learned, and how much more I value my body for all the amazing things I can do, and how mentally tough I feel. A year ago, I was bedridden and totally battered from head to toe, this year I'm walking. So the trend looks good at least!

14 Sept 2018- hit by car, compound open tib/fib fracture etc, emergency surgery IM nail + screws
19 Sept 2018- released from hospital, NWB
04 Dec 2018- allowed 30%, working towards 100% WB indoors
18 Feb 2019- First steps!

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 "running" with IM nail?  new
Embonious  3:20am Oct 24 2019
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Petros  3:37pm Oct 24 2019
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Petros  4:24pm Oct 26 2019
 Re: "running" with IM nail?  new
Embonious  1:51pm Nov 1 2019

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