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 Re: Less than 12 hours in the new cast - get it off me!!
zd80 (50.32.234.---)   4:02pm Oct 26 2019

Hi Stephen, sorry to read about your injury. Hopefully you'll start feeling better soon. I'm one of the full leg cast "success stories " on here so I can tell you it DOES get better.....eventually. I spent quite a bit of time in 3 different full leg casts, 4 if you want to include the full leg splint much like the one you were previously in, a little earlier this year. In fact, I've only been completely cast/boot free for about a month or so. I never had a cast like the one you describe having right now with the old time plaster, mine were all fiberglass. I won't lie to you...things will suck for a while. Much like you, it seemed like I had to CONSTANTLY keep my leg elevated or else I'd battle with swelling. This continued for me for a number of weeks before gradually getting better.
As for the crutches, do yourself a favor and ask you doctor for or rent a wheelchair for a few weeks at least. I'm 38 and had a hell of a time with the crutches at first! Plus, with the wheelchair, you can keep your cast elevated and still be able to get around. I was reluctant at first to get/use one, but once I did, it REALLY helped me. Not just with my mobility in general, but with my attitude about my situation as well. I could go places, and get out of the house. It made a big difference in how I felt as a whole. It gets SO depressing just sitting on the couch day after day with your leg up on a mountain of pillows!! Even just getting my girlfriend to wheel me out onto the porch in the morning to drink my coffee and hang out was sorry of an emotional boost.
Take care of that leg of yours, keep it propped up as much as you can, especially during this early stage. Don't try to do too much, and let the pain be your guide...if it hurts, do less, if not, you're ok. Good luck, and check in with us now and again.

5/7/19- fractured ankle, grade 2 high ankle sprain, and fractured tibia. Full leg backslab splint.
5/17/19- 1st ortho appt. No surgery, fiberglass LLC NWB
6/1/19- 2nd LLC NWB
6/29/19- LLWC applied minimal WB
7/20/19- SLC applied

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 Less than 12 hours in the new cast - get it off me!!  new
Stephen T  3:20pm Oct 24 2019
 Re: Less than 12 hours in the new cast - get it off me!!  new
Debbie_Co  5:28pm Oct 24 2019
 Re: Less than 12 hours in the new cast - get it off me!!  new
WB  3:23am Oct 25 2019
 Re: Less than 12 hours in the new cast - get it off me!!  new
zd80  4:02pm Oct 26 2019

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