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 My recovery journal-trimalleolar fracture
yyy    2:01pm Oct 31 2019

Hi everyone,
I suffered a trimalleolar fracture back in 2016 and had surgery, I've since recovered and wondered if posting my recovery journal on here would be helpful.

I felt it might help some to see how long it took to recover, I suffered from nerve damage after the surgery. I remember being scared to death that the pain would never end and reading horror stories about people being in pain for years. I couldn't find any encouraging stories from anyone who had ever recovered and come back to give us hope so thought maybe if I posted I could help a few people. I wrote the journal quickly and only for personal reference at the time so please excuse the punctuation and grammar.



While walking my dog I stepped into a hole with both feet then fell over to my right side while my feet stayed inside the hole. Broke my right ankle and sprained my left one.

10/26/2016- thursday broke right ankle, trimalleor fracture, elevation of leg starts, xrays and fixation put into splint, no nerve pain at all till surgery. 350 lbs overweight and miserable.

11/2- ortho clinic visit

11/7- 4 hr surgery and put into splint

11/11- pain is better stopped the oxy and taking tylenol..memory issues from anesthesia, trouble finding words when speaking..asking dad and son to check make sure my toes arent blue, they feel dead.
too fat to use crutches so have to use wheelchair.

11/14- ER visit blood clot scare in good leg, ultrasound painful because my leg is so fat.

11/16- nerve pain starts, red and burning, 4th toe numb, feel terrible pressure feels like foot will explode, when put foot down it turns dark purple

11/20- cut and loosened part of splint, top of foot is numb, still severe nerve pain and pressure

11/23- ortho visit, put into boot, pain and pressure, able to get in and out of the house by using butt to get up and down steps

11/25- top of foot below toes feels like rubber bands inside, webbing,can move toes a little bit, taking tylenol and aspirin every 6 hrs for nerve pain

12/7- ortho visit a week early because of red rash on top of foot and burning nerve pain, still have numbness, no infection found, doctor said they moved the nerve out of the way and its irritated and pain should
diminish with time, still feel pressure and nerve pain and its red, burns badly especially at night, taking tylenol and 4 aspirin every 6 hrs and oxy if absolutely nec. at night to help pain, foot turns purple when down low, still elevating

12/8- started taking claritin out of desperation because when she had cancer they said it helped bone pain after she got her shot, doctors don't know how or why it works- just does.

12/12- started foot massage once daily, very sensitive and painful to touch certain spots, started speaking out loud that the redness and nerve pain will go away and i will walk again normally- because
words have power.

12/14- redness and pain a little better, foot a little looser feeling, still numb, taking tylenol and aspirin every 6 hrs

12/16- redness and pain diminishing more and more, taking tylenol and less aspirin now, worst pain is at night now

12/19- redness and pain getting better, stopped aspirin taking tylenol at bedtime now

12/21- ortho visit dr says bone has bridged and is healing well enough to start weight bearing, had me try to stand in office wearing boot, i was not able to put much weight on it and couldnt take a step it hurt too badly, foot
doesnt hurt nearly as much when getting massaged

12/22- tried the walker today with no boot on, cant take a step yet but standing with a little bit of pressure on bad leg, painful and nerve pain when putting pressure on it..felt i need to wait longer to weight bear since nerve
pain flared up again and redness at night, decided to rest a few more days, my body is telling me it is too soon to try walking so will listen to it and not push myself too fast..will be patient

12/25- put pressure on foot again with no boot, can now force heel down and put 50/50 weight on each leg but not for too long

12/26- can stand with my foot flat on the floor, no boot 50/50 weight and stand without holding onto anything, still hurts and cant take a step yet

12/27- able to get around with crutches now, no boot, but get tired easy, able to put pressure on foot and touch heel to the ground, cant take a step yet,
i got down the back stairs outside house standing by putting minimal pressure on bad leg while in boot and holding onto the railing and my dads hand for support, also got back up the same way, nerve pain is getting better,
purposely rubbing painful parts of foot harder the past few days to desensitize the nerve, still have dry skin on leg and foot, skins still peeling off, bruising almost gone still have some on inner ankle, redness on top of foot
almost gone now, nerve pain so much better i rarely need tylenol or aspirin anymore..first time i was able to sleep on my right side or putting my leg on a pillow for a few hours, since the accident

12/28- got in and out of the house using stairs easier today with boot on, got back into house on my own without dads help, still cant put full weight on bad right leg, still cant take a step yet, can stand easier now without
boot, redness on top of foot is gone

12/29- pain isnt as bad at night now, didnt take anything at bedtime, can sleep on my right side a couple times at night with no pillow under bad foot

12/30- notice a ball inside my arch when i rub it, arch and heel painful when standing and trying to take a step- still havent taken a real step, exercise without boot, can get up on toes carefully with walker, can take
pseudo steps with light pressure on bad foot with walker but not real steps


1/5/2017- can stand ok now with less pain, with boot on can hobble with no support, can take steps with walker, can move with walker and no boot but cant take steps, still using wheelchair mostly, redness totally gone,
weird round lump inside arch of my foot that hurts, nerve hurts still after walking and still have numbness, may have a tiny bit of feeling in my toe now

1/7- can walk without walker in boot, first time i can do it, walked around living area 3-4 times without walker, cant take a step without boot yet

1/8- put wheelchair in other room and using just the walker and wearing the boot now

1/9- wearing the boot all day irritated the nerves so had to rest my foot all day with nothing on it

1/10- foot felt better today so put boot on and walked, able to walk with a limp and not need walker, wearing boot to the bathroom and walking instead of wheelchair

1/13- got new sneakers, big sized so bad foot could fit in it size 10 mens, wheelchaired around kmart a lot got tired

1/14- walked in sneakers it hurt and i limped but walked better today

1/16- first time standing in shower, had handrails..dried standing up also..

1/18- saw dr again today at the clinic, i walked from the parking garage into the clinic in just a boot with no walker or crutches and back out, dr said i might not need PT and will see me in 2 months, if im not
walking ok by then he will send me

1/23- took a shower in grandads bathroom didn't need to hold onto the railings at all

1/25- foot doesnt hurt as much when I walk barefoot, still limping..still have nerve pain and numbness

1/28- have been working out almost everyday now foot still stiff

1/29- foot seemed to give a little bit more and flex toward my face

1/30- walked through shoprite wearing just sneakers, limped a bit and walked slower but was ok, worked out later..foot hurts with no shoe on when walking

2/10- nerve pain is back, havent been massaging foot for a couple weeks...stopped exercising..feel weakness in my ankle for some reason

2/11- had son massage foot at night

2/12- nerve pain is gone at night, maybe cause of massage previous night?

2/13- walking slowly with a slight limp in sneakers, had shooting electric pains in numb toe for about 5 mins, hope feeling comes back, lump in arch is probably a plantar fibroma

2/23/17- still limping going to see if my foot can move up to touch pedals in car today, still get nerve pain mostly at night in bed..In
March i drove a car

4/2017- physical therapy started-cant move my foot upwards into neutral position, therapy involved massage and moving my foot up- since that was all they could do for me i stopped after the 3rd time..moving my ankle at home

5/2017- i can drive with no problems, i feel a bit off balance it may be due to the limitations of mobility with my foot, feels odd going down stairs still.
still have pain in foot...its mostly at night but its been feeling a bit better lately, still have numbess on top of foot and in toe, can feel screw on right side of ankle...feel pins and needles when massaging my foot
still on the top part...lump in arch still there but possibly a little smaller...
painful when getting out of bed still limping, limp for awhile then walk almost normally, can walk around a few hours then after sitting experience pain and limping when trying to get back up and walk
Trying to lose weight by intermittent fasting.

5/25/17- pain is better when im in bed, still have numb toe...top of foot still numbish...range of motion not changed for better...still hurts when i first get up to walk and i limp still but as i walk the limp goes away...
notice i dont NEED pillows under my legs like i did when sitting in recliner

6/2017- when i rub the top of where my foot attaches to my leg those tendons are tender and sore..when i rub outter ankle it hurts a bit

7/2017- can now sleep without socks, when getting up from sitting position I limp at first but then the limp goes away it is hard for me to go downstairs because my foot still doesn't bend up properly still have weird
numb sensation in the top of my foot and my toe I don't get much pain anymore except the occasional rare nerve pain and my foot is not sensitive as it was I have a lump in the arch of my foot I have had it for a few
months sometimes it feels flatter, my foot hurts when getting up from a sitting position that's why I limp still..Still sitting in a reclining chair in front of my computer because it helps me when I rub my foot at night I
no longer notice any swelling in my foot when I work or walk

8/17/2017- scars fading a tiny bit, used to be dark purple like a worm, now lighter color...minimal pain in foot, slight tingling sometimes and still feel a weird tightness on top of foot directly where toes meet foot...
lump is still in arch...when first standing up from sitting position there is some pain so i limp at first then as i walk the pain recedes and i walk almost normally...not as much "give" in injured ankle so my outter leg in
that area somehow feels longer than the other leg and stiffer...nerve pain has stopped overall though sometimes get the occasional twinge...foot doesnt swell anymore though i dont walk long distances so dont
know if it would if i did...still sitting in recliner by computer...outter ankle not as sore when touched and tendons in top of foot dont hurt when rubbed anymore...4th toe isnt as numb anymore and top of foot is not
as numb feels a lot more normal when touched now...still have issues going down stairs since my foot doesnt bend up toward my face as well as it used to

10/2017- Slight nerve pain still, tingling, feels tight over toes like rubber band inside- feeling like my foot will never be the same again.


3/2018- Slight numbness still, occassional nerve pain, can walk normally no longer limp normally- only after heavy activity. Balance is back to normal can walk on grass now and more confident, still careful and look down as I walk.
flexibility in my foot is getting a little better can bend it up towards my face more now. Toes are stiffer than other foot and bent differently now.

7/2018- Nerve pain is gone and I can finally sleep without socks now. Still have some numbness toes are a bit clawed on bad foot. Still have lump in the arch of my foot. Every once in a while I will limp when getting up
from sitting position but I can walk long distances now. Haven't tried to run, PT said I'd never run again. Losing more weight.


6/25/2019- Weight down to 183 lbs. foot occasionally tingles, rarely feel odd sensation of nerve/shock pain. Can walk normally now, no limp ever and can go up and down stairs fine. Balance is better can
now wash feet while standing in the shower again. I can now stand while putting on socks. Foot flexibility has improved greatly. Lump in arch of foot is gone. I can run.

10/31/2019- Weight down to 170 lbs. rare foot tingling, will probably always be a little numb but don't notice it anymore. Can walk run and everything else. Fully recovered at this point. No arthritis or pain.
I found out later that I made a good call by not walking before I felt I was ready. Walking too soon is a good way to develop arthritis so I'm glad I took my time and listened to my body and kept my leg
up way long than necessary.

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