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 Re: Struggling
missolmoreno    2:41pm Nov 9 2019

Hi Amber, I'm 18 weeks after surgery and walking with one crutch outdoors. I started to walk without crutches indoors last month. I been working out a lot, going to swim 3 times per week helped me big time, there are swimming pools with disabled access, look for them. It feels so good to walk in the water free of pain, it was my sanctuary at the beginning. I'm an active person and a gym user, going back to the gym has helped me a lot, I started cycling in a very slow speed at the gym and rowing, when I first started at the gym a month a go I couldn't even do a third of the things I'm able to do now. Before when I was rowing I couldn't go all the way, like I couldn't touch my bum with my heels, now I can. It's awesome. Doing core workout and glutes and working out the thigh of the injured leg with elastic bands, I'm trying to gain strength and slowly I'm doing it, not even close to go back to normal but slowly getting there. So, don't expect for you to walk normal by doing nothing, work for it, watch videos on youtube, go to pyshio, swim, anything you can do, do it! And everyday you are gonna be able to do more and every week you are gonna see progress. Keep it up! we got this!


27th of June, tibial plateau fracture
1st of July, over 4h surgery, 2 metal plates, over 13 screws
15th August, partial weight bearing 25%
10th October, full weight bearing indoors

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 Struggling  new
Amber S  11:23am Nov 9 2019
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missolmoreno  2:41pm Nov 9 2019
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Marina  8:57pm Nov 9 2019
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Embonious  12:42am Nov 10 2019
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ayse  2:07am Nov 10 2019
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Genez  10:13am Nov 10 2019

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5 December 2019