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 Re: Struggling
Marina    8:57pm Nov 9 2019

Hey Amber,

It really depends on where you broke the bone, how the bone broke, and what method was used to fix it. I have broken both my right and left leg (both tibia and fibula both times), however both were different breaks.

In 2017 I had a Tibia and Fibula plateau (plateau basically means its a high fracture by the knee joint) fracture on my right leg that went just straight across on both bones (broken completely through, so the bones were no longer together). For that break I had a plate and screws installed, the injury happened in May, and by July I was walking with one crutch, and by August no crutches.

This year I broke my left Tibia and Fibula but this time the break was closer to the ankle and it was comminuted, which means the bone broke in multiple pieces. For this fixation, the surgeon used an IM Rod and nails. But this broken leg is NOTHING like the previous one! The injury happened in March and I wasnít able to walk without a crutch till September, and that was after having another surgery to remove a nail by my ankle because my bone wasnít healing. Even now I still canít walk without pain, and on top of that this injury has a bone infection, so the pain will not stop till the IM Rod is removed and I get IV antibiotics.

From what I have learned higher up breaks are better and heal much faster because of increased blood flow. The lower the break, the slower it will heal because of low blood circulation, and if you get complications like mine (bone infection and crappy orthopedic surgeon who made a mistake) it will take longer.

I thought since I broke my leg before I knew EXACTLY what to expect, but each break is so different and the circumstances (surgeon, age, break, fixation procedure, etc.) are different as well. So my advice is to just be patient, your body will tell you when it will be able to walk, if you have a LOT of pain while walking then it isnít time yet to walk unaided by crutches. Breaking a bone isnít a race, itís a long slow marathon that takes a while, but in the end you will walk and get back to normal, some times it could be in 6 months other times it can take a year or more it all depends on how your body heals.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

5/13/2017 = Right Tibia and Fibula Plateau Fractures
6/7/2017 = Surgery to Insert Metal Plate and Screws
3/15/2019 = Left Tibia and Fibula Comminuted Fractures
3/18/2019 = Surgery to Insert IM Rod and Nails
9/4/2019 = Surgery to remove Nails

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