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 Re: Struggling
ayse    2:07am Nov 10 2019

Hi amber! I totally feel your struggle because although my healing had also been going really uneventfully, sometimes I find it really to stay patient. Last weekend I freaked out and was just so angry that this stupid senseless thing happened and now it is taking forever to get back to normal. I cursed and cursed saying why the $&@) I should be grateful for such small things as being allowed to put partial weight in a boot, when everyone else on the street is walking around as if it is no big deal at all! comically the next day out of the blue i badly cut my finger with a butter knife (!!!) and ended up with a stitch! So looks like there is after all someone up there :) but I totally understand the difficulty of being appreciative of a normal healing because it is sooooo slowwww! Now I am 10 weeks postinjury. Since 5 days I am cleared for walking freely. I am very slow and deliberate in my steps and it hurts quite a bit. But I am wolfing on if at least do that feels good. My doc said I would probably walk with no limp by next week although he did not say painlessly. I feel I could be painless and more confident by week 12 or so.. but mine was a no-op case and only the fibula broke. So give yourself time, curse if you need it but then watch out for butterknifes :)

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