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 Hi guys
Annette T    9:50am Nov 17 2019

Hi friends
Well I made it through surgery! What a frightening experience but glad itís over. I was a nervous wreck and donít remember much after the nerve block was done.
Later that night my doctor came to see me and showed me the xrays after surgery. He actually took xrays before surgery to make sure nothing changed with my alignment and fractures. While in recovery he showed my husband those before surgery xrays and the fractures looked exactly the same. Even after 50 daily uses of the bone stimulator nothing changed. So my husband knew that surgery was the right decision. I was in la la land still!

Doctor did the IM Nail on the tibia and he was able to use some of the soft bone marrow from the reaming to pack into my fibula. So I didnít need to have a separate bone graft done from my hip or heel. I have a rather long plate on the fibula with screws.
Iím in a knee immobilizer which is quite uncomfortable and I stopped taking the pain meds last night. Just taking Tylenol now. Doctor wanted me to stop taking them for some reason even though I just had pretty major surgery. Iím wondering how the pain will be going forward.
I have no soft tissue under my skin so doctor is concerned about my incisions healing. I have to eat a lot of healthy food to try and put some weight on although Iím not sure how Iíll get it down to my legs. Iím not a huge eater generally and Iíve been through hell with this leg so my appetite hasnít been the greatest. Just need to feed these bones as much as I can going forward.

Doctor ran additional blood tests to make there werenít any under lying reasons for the lack of bone healing. All tests came back positive and the endocrinologist said I wasnít showing any early signs of osteoporosis. Just a bad fall unfortunately.

Goals for the next two weeks are to avoid infections at all costs and feed these bones so they will heal.

Still have a long road ahead but happy I have you guys for support!

Happy healing everyone!

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 Hi guys  new
Annette T  9:50am Nov 17 2019
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Genez  4:10pm Nov 17 2019
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missolmoreno  5:14pm Nov 17 2019
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Marina  12:47am Nov 18 2019
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Annette T  7:49am Nov 18 2019

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