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 Re: Hi guys
Marina    12:47am Nov 18 2019

Hey Annette,

Happy to hear the surgery went well! And not having to get a bone graft is great news, one less incision and painful area you have to worry about! Iím actually surprised they did anything with the Fibula, itís been my experience that a lot of doctors donít even touch the Fibula because it is a non-weight bearing bone, so when the Tibia heals the Fibula will as well without any aid. My Fibula was broken clean through, but none of my surgeons touched it and it healed fine, itís the Tibia (The weight bearing bone) that is giving me all the issues. XP

As for the low pain killers that probably because NSAID drugs delay bone healing, thatís why doctors generally donít want you to take a lot of pain medication when you break a bone.

The good news is after the incisions heal you will DEFINITELY be able to put weight on your leg and walk again with all that hardware holding up your bones. It will be painful as hell at first, but it feels soooo good to be off crutches! I walk like a drunk pirate because of the pain, but Iím just happy to be walking at all! XD

5/13/2017 = Right Tibia and Fibula Plateau Fractures
6/7/2017 = Surgery to Insert Metal Plate and Screws
3/15/2019 = Left Tibia and Fibula Comminuted Fractures
3/18/2019 = Surgery to Insert IM Rod and Nails
9/4/2019 = Surgery to remove Nails

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Annette T  7:49am Nov 18 2019

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