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 The story of my day and most days with my leg in plaster part one
Stephen T    3:39pm Dec 4 2019

Ignore the last post I posted it before Iíd finished it!
I thought Iíd post a typical ďday in the lifeĒ of mine right now. Background is that I broke my tibia and fibula 6 weeks or so ago. Itís been in a cast ever since. Currently Iím in a full leg cast which begins at my toes and ends at my hip. Itís made of Plaster of Paris so itís big, heavy and awkward to be in. This is a typical day in my life:
7am - wake up! Partner brings me a cup of coffee (freshly brewed Brazilian is my favourite) before she leaves for work. I drink it while also looping a scarf around my cast at my calf to try to lift it off the foam rest it goes on at night. I then sit up which takes an almighty effort and swing my leg over the side of the bed. Unless I am going anywhere like the hospital Iíve learned itís easier to sleep in my day clothes of a t-shirt and boxers and keep these on the next day. I fight with a pair of joggers that have my good leg intact but we cut the leg off my poorly one as I need to have the whole leg out of the joggers to help with heat control inside the cast as it overheats of totally covered up.
I put a sock on my good leg and one over my toes in the cast as they are always always so flipping cold!! This is hard work as I have to bend over the cast but I stay in this hunched position as it helps my back stretch out as itís seized up with all the sitting about Iím doing.
Stand up! I use one crutch and hold the bedside table to stand upright: I used to find the weight of the cast and having just woken up cause me to fall backwards onto the bed! Itís ok now.
Bathroom ablutions: we have d a narrow bathroom so I canít close the door when I sit down on the toilet, itís comical I guess as I sit there wobbliyon the loo (the cast goes up to my hip and so under the top of my leg) with my foot in the doorway!
I slide downstairs on my bum. Itís safe this way!
Breakfast - weetabix set out by my partner so just add milk. And then try to balance on the stool at the breakfast bar on one crutch while simultaneously holding my huge cast so that my toes do not touch the floor and eating the Weetabix. Today I ended up with some on my nose and also my chin (I have a bear so not ideal!).
Itís now nearly 8.30am: itís taken me an hour and a half to get up, washed and have breakfast.
But - it doesnít matter!! Iíve leaned that time does not matter when you have all day to do not much of anything in.
Sofa time: pilows positioned by partner for me, remote controls in situ...breakfast tv to start with then Jack Ryan box set (highly recommended) and ten mins in....Zzzzzz.
Iím asleep. Not because itís rubbish but Iím knackered from all the effort of doing the above. I wake up after an hour.
Itís always weird when I wake up: 80% of the time I reckon that I do so thinking that my leg is healed as it feels warm and fuzzy and actually COMFORTABLE IN THE PLASTER CAST!
There is no pain, no itching, no tightness anywhere - itís like having a normal leg again.
And then....i always instinctively try to bend my knee when I wake up. I donít know why. And I canít. Bummer.
I pour a coffee from a flask my partner kindly make some before work. Sheís wonderful.
Back to Jack who is in Syria tracking down the wife of a terrorist.
My toes are too hot with the sock over them - agh! Stretch and take it off, itch if where I can (my little toe is squished inside the plaster and now aches and I long to stretch it out!). Sock on or off? I leave it off.
I find it hard not to spend ages just staring at my leg: its somewhere under all the plaster. I frequently think, is it healing or not? Canít tell you. I donít know.
The cast digs into my groin after an hour or so so I slide my little finger inside it to relieve this pressure: there isnít much padding up at the top edge of the plaster and my god, do you know how hard it is, the plaster?!!
Itís rock hard. I wonder who came up with the idea to use a rock to set a broken bone?
I frequently tap the cast - 2 reasons: it helps with the itching (try it over the itch) and also as it sounds different over areas of varying thickness (higher pitch over thinner parts such as the top compared to dull notes over think areas of plaster like my thigh.
Noooo!! My toes are getting cold so back t my foot I bend my aching back, stretch the sock over the plaster (itís really very thick around my foot and ankle and we had to find the stretchiest sock we could - standard black sock one previous owner my partner, she has said I can keep it!).
12pm - lunchtime!
Iíll leave it here for now...
Part 2 tomorrow - I hope you smiled when you read this and that you can relate to some of what I have w.
I have as Iíve leaned that I have to so that I stay sane during this ordeal!

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 The story of my day and most days with my leg in plaster part one  new
Stephen T  3:39pm Dec 4 2019
 Re: The story of my day and most days with my leg in plaster part one  new
AW  4:56pm Dec 4 2019
 Re: The story of my day and most days with my leg in plaster part one  new
WB  3:34am Dec 5 2019

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