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 Re: Compound Tibia and fibula fracture - malunion of fibula
Marina    8:04pm Dec 7 2019

I feel your pain Hannah! :(

On 3/13/17 I fell of a new lease horse at the very end of my jumping lesson. Normally this horse is really lazy and loves to refuse and run-out on jumps (ridden him in past lessons before). But this lesson he was being sooooo good, he didnít refuse or run-out once, even his owner, was surprised at how well he was acting and said he must really like me. But it was the end of the lesson, and I was starting to get tired with the heat beating down (live in Southern California), so at the very last jump when my horse decided to stomp on the breaks I flew over his head and landed directly on my right foot with my knee locked. I felt a crack by my knee, an ER visit later I found out I fractured both my tibia and fibula by the knee joint (a plateau fracture). I had to have surgery to install a plate and screws, and I still have the hardware to this day.

Iíve been riding for 15 years, never had a serious injury from a fall (except one time I did have a mild concussion from falling off on concrete), and I have fallen a LOT, but just the way I fell off this one time broke my leg. :(

When I broke my left leg on 5/13/2017, 2 months after the injury (Tib/fib comminuted fracture with IM Rod and nails like yours) while trying to hop in the shower on crutches (a necessary evil), my foot caught on the shower ledge and I fell right on the broken leg. I was freaking out! I thought I broke the thing again! Went to the doctor and the fibula did break again, however, the doctor explained the fibula is a non-weight bearing bone, so when the tibia heals the fibula will just find itís own alignment, no fixation or cast necessary. And the fibula has healed fine for me, itís the tibia that is my issue. :(

I hope for a speedy recovery for you!

5/13/2017 = Right Tibia and Fibula Plateau Fractures
6/7/2017 = Surgery to Insert Metal Plate and Screws
3/15/2019 = Left Tibia and Fibula Comminuted Fractures
3/18/2019 = Surgery to Insert IM Rod and Nails
9/4/2019 = Surgery to remove Nails

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 Compound Tibia and fibula fracture - malunion of fibula  new
Hannah L  2:07am Dec 5 2019
 Re: Compound Tibia and fibula fracture - malunion of fibula  new
Marina  8:04pm Dec 7 2019
 Re: Compound Tibia and fibula fracture - malunion of fibula  new
Hannah L  12:23am Dec 8 2019

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