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 Re: Fracture clinic today:
Annette T    12:27pm Jan 18 2020

Hi Stephen,
I remember at 12 weeks I was ready to lose my mind. And I was in a short cast so I can't imagine that you are going through. At 12 weeks I was also given a bone stimulator to help increase the bone healing. Unfortunately it didn't work for me but it might be something to ask your doctor about next time. I was also told at 12 weeks the first doctor saw "some" healing...but it wasn't really enough and eventually I needed surgery. Looking back if I was given an option of surgery or wait and see (not knowing how long wait and see was) I would have had surgery. So many more complications come from not using your leg for weeks and months. The longer you don't weight bear the density in your bone becomes soft. That's for everyone no matter your age. Also your achilles tendon will start to shorten from not being used. I had to have an additional surgery to lengthen mine. Just make sure to ask your doctor what the effects are going to be from being non weight bearing for so long.

Good luck!

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