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 New here: ruptured hamstring tendon and avulsion fracture to femur
Davie J    2:49pm Jan 23 2020

Hello - this is my first post, I injured my leg yesterday and Iím looking for some help and support with an unusual and painful injury(s).
I live in England and am married, I play football for a local team and last night I well and truly banjaxed my leg. Iím still pretty unsure what happened-a team mate has told me I went to head the ball, came back to the ground and my right leg jammed in pitch and momentum took me forward. I then crashed in a heap on the pitch with extreme pain behind my knee. Someone called for an ambulance and also my wife, who met me at the hospital.
I saw a doctor pretty quickly and after an X-ray he told me he thinks i have whatís called an avulsion fracture of my femur (thigh bone) at the lower end behind my knee, almost certainly caused by the tendon that attaches the hamstring muscle to it rupturing and pulling some bone of with it. He worked the tendon rupture out due to this fracture, how I did it and some other physical tests I canít really remember.
The upshot is I have to go back for an MRI scan and see the specialist on Thursday next week and assuming this is what I have done Iíll need an operation to repair the tendon and the fracture (itís a sizeable bit of bone thatís come off with the tendon).
Not good news if the scan confirms everything the doctor thinks Iíve done.
I dozed off to sleep according to my wife for a good half hour and remember being woken by a nurse telling me that they needed to take me to the plaster room in A&E to immobilise my leg.
The nurses were fantastic-they had to get me out of my football socks and shorts (including much to my horror my boxers so they could run the plaster up into my crotch, which my wife found mildly amusing) before applying the plaster cast to my leg and how they did it without causing me any further pain is beyond me, although anaesthesia of gas and air probably helped.
My leg is immobilised in plaster and unfortunately theyíve set it from my foot/toes to my hip, and itís not great to have to have on.
I spent the night in hospital and a doctor I saw this morning told me Iíll spend about 3-4 months in what he called ďlong castsĒ like this one: if Iíd only ruptured the tendon Iíd be in plaster for 6 weeks then a brace to begin bending my knee, but the fracture makes this a non-starter.
I have crutches, I canít put any weight on my leg and am banned from even resting my toes on the floor when upright.
The nurses advised me to avoid showering or having a bath until after the operation as I need to rest as much as I can and keep my leg elevated.
I broke a bone in my foot a few years back and had a cast on for about 6 weeks, to my knee, and that was a walk in the park compared to this.
Iím having problems getting anywhere close to comfortable - not surprisingly itís painful, and the cast edge is in my groin area.
Iím feeling very sorry for myself and Iíll get some perspective about this situation sometime Iím sure but right now itís difficult.

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 New here: ruptured hamstring tendon and avulsion fracture to femur  new
Davie J  2:49pm Jan 23 2020
 Re: New here: ruptured hamstring tendon and avulsion fracture to femur  new
Genez  7:19pm Jan 23 2020

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