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 Todayís been bad: long cast struggles and pain.
Davie J    10:51am Jan 24 2020

Iíve had a really bad day today and feel very overwhelmed by everything.
Iíve tried to keep my pain from breaking through by taking the pain medication Iíve got frequently but itís still sore as hell where the problems in my leg are (ie especially behind my knee), feels like itís on fire there at times.
I called the fracture clinic and they told me that if it gets worse then recontact them in case there is an issue with the plaster causing issues. They also told me that the surgeon had reviewed my notes from A&E and commented that it is almost certain that the hamstring tendon is completely ruptured and will need to be surgically repaired as will the fracture.
As for the plaster I have on I asked for some advice as itís pretty much unbearable at the moment - I only got vague answers back such as ďdonít shower in itĒ. Not helpful.
I called back later: The nurse I spoke to then was actually one of the ones who applied my plaster in A&E and she told me that usually they only apply a splint that goes 2/3 of the way around the leg but theyíd been told to apply a complete cast for my leg to stop the tendon or bone fragment moving which they may have in the 2/3 splint. Iíve got to have my leg elevated 24/7 to stop it swelling and if it does contact them back, apparently I was told this before I was discharged but I cannot remember this at all.
After the operation if I have one, Iíll get a 2/3 splint for 10 days then go back for my stitches out and have a Ďfull legí I.e. long cast fitted like this from toes to crotch: I asked for a time frame for being in plaster and she said it was usually for ďabout 12 weeksĒ for my injuries- Iím unlucky that the femur has broken, if it was just the tendon Iíd be in plaster for a while but then a brace. Sodís law I guess.
Iíd appreciate any tips and helpful suggestions about the cast - itís baffling me and my wife as to how I can cope with it.

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 Todayís been bad: long cast struggles and pain.  new
Davie J  10:51am Jan 24 2020
 Re: Todayís been bad: long cast struggles and pain.  new
Annette T  2:10pm Jan 24 2020
 Re: Todayís been bad: long cast struggles and pain.  new
WB  8:46pm Jan 24 2020
 Re: Todayís been bad: long cast struggles and pain.  new
Marina  6:51pm Jan 25 2020

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