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 A&E, MRI scan, new long plaster cast
Davie J    8:32am Jan 26 2020

Today has been eventful.
I had no sleep at all last night and my leg was really painful where the tendon has ruptured and the fracture to my femur is. My wife phoned A&E and they asked for me to go and see the orthopaedic doctor on-call today.
Which is what we did. They cut my cast down both sides and then removed the top half and bandaged the cast under my leg into place and I saw the registrar and heíd already ordered an emergency MRI scan, which I had.
There is a bruise from my knee to my hip. I had to wait a while for the results which he gave me:
As suspected the hamstring tendon is totally ruptured and as it ruptured itís pulled a part of my lower end of the femur away with it, and there is also a split in the femur such was the force the tendon ripped the bone with, hence the pain Iím in.
He works with the consultant Iíll be seeing next week and he told me I will absolutely need to have an operation to mend them both.
I see the constant on Thursday next week. He said the operation is likely to be the 2nd week of February.
He explained to my wife and me that the femur takes a lot of the weight when you walk and is likely to take a while to heal: he told me that the consultant will confirm exactly how long I can expect to need to be in plaster for when I see him but itís ďmore than likelyĒ Iíll have to wear a long cast for ďabout 4 months minimum ď which is not what I want to hear but I thought Iíd best ask to start to prepare myself for the recovery ahead.
Iíve had another long plaster cast put on until the operation and theyíve put it from my toes to my hip/groin/crotch due to the femur break(s) and it weighs a bloody tonne due to its size/thickness/still drying out, and itís on until the operation and another of the same afterwards for quite a long time.
The pain has subsided a fair bit and my pain meds have been increased.
A Sunday like one Iíve never experienced before in my life.

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 A&E, MRI scan, new long plaster cast  new
Davie J  8:32am Jan 26 2020
 Re: A&E, MRI scan, new long plaster cast  new
WB  3:34am Jan 27 2020
 Re: A&E, MRI scan, new long plaster cast  new
WB  11:23am Jan 27 2020

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