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 Cast questions
Brad Y.    4:29am Mar 1 2020

Hey my name is Brad. I've never broken anything, but have always wanted to have a cast because I've signed many of my friends, all through school and just thought it was the coolest thing ever. I love to sign casts, and still do, I used to know how many, but have lost track.

I always want to ask how bad your ankle hurts and what the cast feels like inside against your leg. Does it still hurt when it's in a cast, or does it start to feel better after a while. I mean I want a cast so bad I can't stand it, so can you try to convince me that I don't want to break anything or have a cast. can you talk about what the pain is like, I mean is it a sharp constant pain, a dull ache. Does it hurt the whole time, or start to feel better after a while. Do you like wearing it and having it signed. I would love that part. All my friends have said oh, no you don't want to have a cast, I guarantee it... lol. I'm still like... whatever. Lol. Does your ankle hurt any now. Did you have surgery and did it hurt when they set your ankle Were you ever curious about having a cast or have you ever signed any casts before. . Thanks. Looking forward to hearing about it. #stillwantacast. Any pics ?

No, before anyone says it.... This is NOT a cast fetish post. I'm genuinely curious, and have been since I was in elementary school. Thanks. You can email me if you want, so we dont fill up the board, with what I'm sure many of you will find as a "stupid" post. I've been made fun of my whole life because of this.

Brad. bradradiodj@gmail.com

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 Cast questions  new
Brad Y.  4:29am Mar 1 2020
 Re: Cast questions  new
Jonathan B  2:03am Mar 2 2020

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7 April 2020