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 Re: Mental Struggles at Home
SMM    10:06am Apr 19 2020

Hi JG,

I am so sorry to hear about your injuries. I'm more than few years past my most recent break, and first broke the leg decades ago. So much of what you say sounds familiar... especially your observations about loss of control. I think those feelings are the most likely contributors to the depression that sometimes comes with the injury. I rememeber many people raising this issue here; I think someone called it 'situational depression' or 'broken leg depression'. I also had an emotional response, but I trended into rage/anger. All seems to pass as healing advances (unless the emotional issues are established before the injury and have been diagnosed).

OK to ask a few questions? I am hoping no one is minimizing your injuries. They are serious, and hopefully no one is telling you that you should be attending family nights? I think coercion would be abuse. And does your fiance spend most of the time at home? Could the perception of 'caregiver' be contributing to the situation? Is the feeling of loss of control impacting the relationship, and are you somehow maybe communicating this (does not necessarily mean verbalizing this)?

Best wishes,

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