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 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless
JG in Idaho    6:14pm Apr 25 2020

Jessa - Iím sorry to hear that youíve had to join us all in the world of injured and broken legs, but certainly hope you understand that there is a small world of people experiencing similar (though not the same) circumstances - you are not alone. Our experiences are different, but I can at least share a few things from my perspective.

Due to location and travel times, I wasnít able to get my first surgery or see an orthopedic surgeon for about 3 days after my injury - though I was in the care of medical professionals most of that time. So I wouldnít stress too much about the delay in seeking treatment. May I ask what procedures youíve been through and what your doctor has indicated for the path to being able to walk again?

As a new homeowner living with my fiancť, my inability to do just about anything was a world changer. I also live across the country from my immediate and extended family, so thanks to Covid I couldnít receive care or support from them, which devastated them. The first week back at home after my surgeries was extremely difficult. I didnít know how to ask for help, and I felt uncomfortable asking for even water as you mentioned. What did help me was to focus on the things that I did have control over, and lean on those. I imagine these things would be different for you and me, but I would encourage you to make a mental list for yourself. For me it started purely with pain management, especially the first week. Some days that meant being able to let me significant other know that it was a bad day, that I felt miserable, and that I just needed to sleep. Eventually my body began to respond and I got back into a normal daily rhythm - rather than fearing that at any moment I might need to go to the bathroom and therefore get up and struggle down the hall - my body adjusted and I got into going to the bathroom on a normal schedule. I maintained control over when I took my pain medication, picked out some tv shows and setup a schedule for when I would enjoy them, etc. Eventually I could plan to make my own lunch once a day (sandwiches mostly lol), sit outside to get some fresh air, etc. 4 weeks post surgery now and I am helping with dishes, some chest level chores (wiping down kitchen or bathroom surfaces), etc. Iím still in the struggle and have bad days, or bouts where my body wonít let me do anything for 6 or 7 hours but rest, but I promise it gets better over time. 4 weeks ago I could barely breather after hobbling to the bathroom, and now I donít start sweating bullets until Iíve been in the kitchen for an hour making lunch and doing the dishes.

Try not to fixate on the things you canít do - they will return in time. Focus on what you can control, and as you heal the things you are capable of doing will slowly return. Hope this helps!

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 I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
Jessa  7:53am Apr 25 2020
 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
JG in Idaho  6:14pm Apr 25 2020
 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
Jessa  6:44pm Apr 25 2020
 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
JG in Idaho  7:26pm Apr 25 2020
 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
Nicola Stan  9:41am Apr 27 2020

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