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 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless
Jessa    6:44pm Apr 25 2020


Thank you so much for replying, Iíve been desperate for a community of people who could understand what Iíve been going through, that hopelessness you feel from these kinds of restrictive injuries. I try hard sometimes to tell myself that this is temporary, not just my leg but the Covid crisis as well. Itís just so hard sometimes. But i appreciate your suggestions and your helpful advice, I too struggle immensely on the crutches and trying to do basic things, I actually fell on them the other day probably worsening my injury. It took me like half an hour to back crawl up the stairs and it takes a lot of methodical planning to get to the bathroom. Iím looking forward to being able to do some things on my own at some point.

Iím sorry you have to be so far away from your family, my family is incredibly close knit so I understand that struggle for sure. I had at one point planned to move to Denmark before this pandemic happened, id taught myself the language and met friends, but I decided that being near my family was of the utmost importance and decided against it. But I would definitely be floundering without their support.

To answer your question, I honestly havenít been given much direction, i went to the ER and was told after many excruciating seated hours without an opportunity for elevation, that it was a break and to not put any weight on it and to take Norcos. I had a phone appointment with my primary physician who said he was going to fast track a referral to an ortho. I called today to get the status and was told it was incomplete so it wasnít pushed through and they didnít have an explanation. So Iím currently still waiting for that.

I have a lot of hope for all the things you said you can do now! Itís crazy because itís like one minute you have full mobility and the next, your independence is completely stripped. Itís such a difficult thing to put into perspective. But anyway I appreciate your insight and advice!

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 I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
Jessa  7:53am Apr 25 2020
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JG in Idaho  6:14pm Apr 25 2020
 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
Jessa  6:44pm Apr 25 2020
 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
JG in Idaho  7:26pm Apr 25 2020
 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
Nicola Stan  9:41am Apr 27 2020

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