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 Re: Mental Struggles at Home
Nicola Stan    8:33am Apr 27 2020

Hello JG,

Greetings from the other side of the world and the other side of a broken leg. I broke my leg July 18 and I completely relate and empathise with you. I had a breakdown emotionally with my leg - I lost my 'inner voice' and my worried, scared, negative self took over in earnest. All I could think about was 'the future' and I couldn't forecast that, my healing or where my thoughts were on an hourly /daily basis. It took courage, but I became the best friend and carer for myself - if my negative thought said 'you will never be back to yourself ever ever again' (my inner voice was a real @!#$ during this time) I just gave that thought context and would reply to myself ' I do not know this for certain, I'm scared and in pain and cannot think straight and looking and reading stories there is a high percentage that I will recover and this will take time...Time is the essence at the mo.....you can't rush a broken leg...repair takes time - you know this. But, every single day you will heal gently - like managing to fall asleep for a long time (hooray!!!!!!) having a bath (Oh my god!!!! that was a good one for me) Ensure these small things are noted for your 'healing story' - Every single one of us on here will have a different story. Some will be up in 6 months, lucky buggers, some a year, some 2...but it will happen. I got myself a wheelchair and managed to cook in my kitchen - OMG Christmas that first year was a real mess, ingredients all over me, the floor but....the food was bloody gorgeous!!!! I also found wildlife and shooting stars - I must have made a wish every night for a while.... What I am trying to say is look after your inner self, have a little chat with yourself and your horrid negative thoughts - they are not true at this time, they are just worried and feel overwhelmed, give the thoughts some context and be your very very best mate. We've all been through something of what you are going through at the mo...If I can get through it - you can!!! and I'm a bloody nightmare!!!!!! take lots and lots of care of yoursel.f Nicky :-)

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