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 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless
Nicola Stan    9:41am Apr 27 2020

Hi Jessa,

I'm commiserating with you as I broke my tib and fib in 2018 - I'm on the other side now but at the time....a bit of a breakdown!!

This site provided me with sanity and positive thoughts. I heard from people in a worse situation to myself, who broke their leg / legs in worse situations than mine, but we were still broke - different legs, different scenarios but sill broke. So, I'll comment on the break - we share that horrid experience...and what a horrid experience it is....My story? I had a breakdown, I 'found' a family member and I found my patience. I found I could not forecast my future in the short term and I didn't realise I could cry in front of strangers as I come across 'tuff'....I'm still 'tuff I'm now in tune with my emotions. I also learned to be a best friend to myself - my brain decided to throw up all sorts of 'untruths'....tons and tons and tons....I got brave and decided to question these untruthful thoughts, I gave them context!!! And when they were not so true, they backed down!! A very very very good coping strategy for myself. Give all these worries some personal context from yourself.What can you do? Can you plan something nice? Can you plan a meal? Can you plan to sleep? Can you plan to read a chapter of your book? Can you learn something new? I learned about the birds in my small garden....I talked for hours about their habits - I couldn't walk and I cried 10 times a day, but I fed all the birds and chose the food...I decided to find shooting stars from the sky - found rather a lot actually and used them for wishes....it all made me feel happy...and that is sooooooo important during a really worrying, angry, sad, period in your life. It's going to be a roller coaster....but this is YOUR broken leg story right? We all have our story in here...you wanna know mine? I tripped on a step getting out of a hot tub and went to hospital in my swimming costume......good huh? Makes me laugh now, but boy oh boy!!!! Everyday is different, especially with your thoughts...keep 'em in check.....all the very best in this brave time Nicky x x x

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 I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
Jessa  7:53am Apr 25 2020
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JG in Idaho  6:14pm Apr 25 2020
 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
Jessa  6:44pm Apr 25 2020
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JG in Idaho  7:26pm Apr 25 2020
 Re: I Donít Know How to Cope, I feel useless  new
Nicola Stan  9:41am Apr 27 2020

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26 May 2020