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 Re: In need of advice!
SMM    9:49am Apr 27 2020

Hi Milo,

Sorry to hear about your injury. I don't know how common cramps are with a broken leg, but I certainly had the experience when I was recovering, and I think that's true with others. Years out, and a really bad occasional cramp in the leg can still cause a flashback of the broken leg. I would recommend staying in touch with your healthcare provider, especially if the cramps get severe, persist, and don't resolve with some simple remedies. Sometimes activity can promote the cramps, so resting and elevating the leg might help. Perhaps the cause is dietary (low potassium) and the issue may resolve with including potassium rich foods in the diet. Hydration could be a cause, so perhaps drinking more water would help. You mentioned feeling rundown, and even a flu, which can cause muscle aches, can cause cramps and spasms. These may be the causes, but if symptoms persist, do stay in touch with your dr., at least to rule out any possible serious issues.

Best wishes,

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 In need of advice!  new
Milo  11:23am Apr 26 2020
 Re: In need of advice!  new
Nicola Stan  9:47am Apr 27 2020
 Re: In need of advice!  new
SMM  9:49am Apr 27 2020

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