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 Been a while, desperate for help after recovery
MaKayla    8:16pm May 4 2020

Hi everyone! Its been like a year and a half since I have posted on here. I hope that everyone is staying healthy during these crazy times. Since many of you probably dont know, I've suffered two ankle fractures a year and a half apart on seperate ankles. My most recent fracture is what brings me back. I suffered what they call a trimalleular fracture. Ankle was broken in three places. Fibula and twice in my Tibia. Surgery to correct it where they placed screws and a plate in my Fib. A screw going from the top if my ankle down through the tib and two on the inside of my ankle for my tib. 6 weeks of a cast and then gosh probably 4-5 months of therapy later and many more xrays they called me all healed. This was a workmans compensation claim so you can say that it was made sure I was all set to go before they released me.
Anywho, a year and a half later here I am. I have extreme pain and stiffness in the ankle. Its to the point where I can feel it give way and I loose my balance and have to catch myself. This is along with sharp pains that bring me to tears. I experienced this about 1 month after I stopped therapy and was told to rest and wear a brace. Everything was fine, went back to my daily life shortly after that- probably pushed too hard too soon. Okay well now here we are again! No major change in activity level. In fact if anything, I'm less active. Corona virus had me laid off and laying on the couch binge watching for a few weeks. Now that I am back to work, my activity levels really arent any different when I left. And to be honest, the pain and problems really seemed to spike when I was laid off.
I'm really getting frustrated as I am sure many of you have or are experiencing wherever you are in your recover stage. I'm going to have to call my doc but I'm scared. I dont want surgery, in fact my pain is mainly on the inside of my ankle where I was told the screws would be staying. I was told he would only remove my outside ones if those were bugging me, which they arent. I'm worried about what he's going to say. I am overweight, was doing great until I broke my ankles BOTH at seperate times!!! I also dont work for my company that I was when I broke it so I have to now deal with the work compensation company for a business that I am no longer apart of!!!
I guess any advice would be helpful. Thanks everyone! Stay safe and healthy, and happy HEALING.

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 Been a while, desperate for help after recovery  new
MaKayla  8:16pm May 4 2020
 Re: Been a while, desperate for help after recovery  new
Marina  9:40pm May 4 2020

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26 May 2020