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 Displaced Metal Plate
Get To Stephin (50.41.243.---)   8:03pm May 16 2020

I apologize in advance. This is going to be quite long.
Last summer, I fell at work. I got tossed around to several doctors that kept insisting it was just a normal sprain. I went through two rounds of physical therapy. After four months of barely any progress, I got approved for an MRI. My MRI didnít show anything major, just signs of a still healing sprain. Six months go by since the date of the injury and Iím still in a lot of pain and not healing. A doctor does an ultrasound and lo and behold, my ATFL is 85% torn, my syndesmotic ligament is 25% torn, and thereís a good amount of scarring on my CFL. Finally, I had answers! My surgeon says I needed a total lateral ligament reconstruction, syndesmotic fixation (tightrope), and arthroscopy.
Surgery went well and he placed a metal plate on the lateral side of my ankle. With this being a workers comp issue, they wanted me back to work as soon as possible and bullied my doctor into letting me go back to work a whole month earlier than he wanted me to. My first day back, someone drops a heavy metal bottle right on top of my boot as it was in mid-air. Mind you, Iím still only a little over four weeks post-op at this point. Instant burning pain. I report it and go see my doctor. He takes x-rays and finds that the impact of the bottle has displaced the metal plate. He said it wasnít in a place where it would affect anything, but it would slow down my healing. As time goes on, Iím still experiencing that burning pain. At my next appointment, he takes another x-Ray and the plate has moved AGAIN! At this point, I had been out of the boot and in an ASO brace. I ask him if itís always going to move like this and he said it would take up to three months post-op for the scar tissue to build up and hold it in place. Now Iím two months post-op and three days ago, the pain in my ankle was so sharp and intense that I couldnít put any weight on my foot, my ankle was giving out. He tells me to get back into the boot and that heís going to order an MRI. He is thinking that with my plate getting displaced that it may have damaged something or that it moved to a place where itís hitting something. So Iím wondering, has anyone else had issues with their metal plate not staying in place??

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 Displaced Metal Plate  new
Get To Stephin  8:03pm May 16 2020

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26 May 2020