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 Re: Aircast woes
lynnheff    10:44pm Oct 17 2016

Hi Nikki,
I came on here to seek some advice, help or just simply words of encouragement, and I saw your post.

Last year in August I broke the same MT heads and my Orto put me in a boot. It totally was a pain in the butt. I actually was weightbearing (wb) though. I was being really stupid and going out still with friends to bars/restaurants and instead of taking the pain meds I found myself drinking more than usual. Anyway, I feel like I never recovered right, the boot made me feel like I could continue about my day like normal, but I probably should have been non wb like you.

Anyway, the boot would bruise my good ankle whenever I walked bc it was so bulky and I got knee problems from it's weight as well. I'm going to post my story about what happened this year, but wow I'm so happy to have found some of the helpful things I have. Luckily, I think your MT heads will heal fine, i think they have you non-wb because of the ankle, that one takes longer.

Once the ankle feels better you should start doing stretches and moving, as letting the foot stiffen up will be bad in the long-run. (I am def no doctor, so check with yours first, but it just makes sense physically.)

Check out this website for your crutches: http://www.crutcheze.com
(I have the teal blue pocket one)

This one for your AirCast: https://www.betterbraces.com/aircast-walking-brace-hygiene-cover?gclid=CjwKEAjw-Oy_BRDg4Iqok57a4kcSJADsuDK1EeERz2JTTepWf2z11jZFPNFVdvTW318w38WI50WOmRoCJcnw_wcB

(I found the airiest to be cheaper on amazon bc my insurance is terrible.)

Get yourself a few good ice packs to rotate through:


Oh and make sure to get a shoe leveler. Once you start walking, you don't want to mess up your hips:

As for the sore spots is it from the boot? they make little foam patches you can get and insert there. I'm not sure where, but I use a small sock rolled up as cushion.

I'm sorry you are going through this. =( It really takes one to know one.

"Where there is a will, there is a way."

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