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 New Member... Seriously depressed
lynnheff    11:55pm Oct 17 2016

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is finding the peace (and movement) they all are craving. I feel for each and every one of you!

I came here because I googled "broken ankle, seriously depressed," and this website came up. I decided to register because I am losing it.

late 2014- I was diagnosed with osteoporosis (we think due to the birth control shot for over 12 years, and I have stopped taking it since).

August 2015- I broke my 3rd and 4th metatarsal heads, and was just starting to get back into the swing of healthy living a year later (aug 2016)

9/1/16 I broke my ankle...same foot. Stable(ish) fracture. I say ish because it is slightly slanted, and my friend who is a VERY good and reputable Ortho in another state said he would put a plate and a few screws in just to be safe (given my age and history).

Just a few weeks prior to this happening, I gave notice to my place of living to move out, from CA to NV, since I had been unsuccessful in finding a job for nearly a year. I was convinced she was being so gracious in letting me take my time after the incident, and was even encouraging. She's a surgery nurse after all...

Come to find out, that was very short-lived, and became extremely passive aggressive by making comments like, "I'd like to be able to use MY living room" while I was immobilized, and others along the same vein. Kept asking me exactly when I was moving out, and I was so nervous that I tried my hardest to say by the 1st (would mean 4 weeks of healing, but no packing would get done, as I couldn't bear weight), also, the house became a total mess and it was clear who did all the cleaning once the "cleaner" had her ankle broken. It sucked. All of it.

I was going nuts, so my parents offered to pay to get my things into storage, and just get out of there to heal. It was the worst emotional distress I've felt since the end of my 8 year emotionally abusive relationship, also in 2015. And to top it off, I was job hunting, and no one will hire me with an aircast on.

Broke ankle, had to move (almost 2br house worth of things), no job, and still not recovered from emotional problems from past relationship, along with mounting new ones from roommate and best friend both becoming great friends, meanwhile I was totally blindsided by it. Friends don't understand, parents don't understand (no one has broken anything), and I'm not involved with a church here like I was in TX.

I realize it's not fun to be around a depressed person... but, how do I get out of it when I can't do the few things I learned in life to do TO get out of it? I love exercise, walking, learning, painting, cooking etc... I know we all feel the same pain on here. With all of my things in storage, and living at my parents after 13 years of being independent.. it is more than a large dose of reality check.

I don't agree with the way my parents live, the entire reason I moved out at 16 was because my dad smoked in the house. Now... I sneeze daily, I can barely breathe, and my two little dogs with their little lungs are breathing the same air.

I make efforts whenever I can to do whatever I can, but the next day I find myself so exhausted from those efforts, that I am back down to zero energy. Even though I am "non-weight bearing" still as of today from the dr. that is literally impossible for me. I have two dogs that depend on me, and I can't believe the amount of things i did for myself at once. It's all starting to pile up.

I took the dogs to the dog park and let them play with some friends (I can't wait to feel more energy to take them back again, the people were so nice), and

ugh- as I'm writing this, I'm getting annoyed at myself because it all sounds like complaints. Complaint after complaint. =( And this cycle happens in my head over and over for nearly a year now.

My question is; to those of you who have it worse (because I know the mere fact that I can walk, even against medical direction, is a blessing), what have you done to subdue the depression? Has anyone experienced everything hitting all at once? No job, place to live, money, support, friends, good medical treatment etc... Oh and to top it off I've gained so much weight from not being able to move the way I normally do, that I fit in maybe three outfits right now.

"Where there is a will, there is a way."

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 New Member... Seriously depressed  new
lynnheff  11:55pm Oct 17 2016
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Pamela Ledbetter  9:11am Oct 23 2016
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Karly  3:08pm Oct 27 2016
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NikiMarie129  9:07am Dec 19 2016

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