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 Re: Stairs
Cathy H.    6:10pm Apr 12 2017

Hi Robert. I too am pretty constrained to my main floor. I have found my Lazy Boy chair the most comfortable to sit in and sleep in. I get the most range of motion that way with being able to adjust my sitting position to lying down etc... I tried the couch and my lower back began to scream and then I tried my bed with the same result. I have found sitting down on the stairs and "bumming" it up not bad at all. You will need help getting up at the top or if you can have a stable chair with a stool in front of it you can bum yourself up and onto that and then stand from that position. I find a walker the most stable. Crutches are just so wobbly. To go down the stairs I have not tried to go down on my bum as I figured my leg would keep getting caught up on the stairs? I find using the railing and one crutch not bad at all. Whenever I have had to crutch up stairs I find it really difficult. I find my foot is in the way and I really need up body strength to pull my good foot up to the next stair. Hope this helps.

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Cathy H.  6:10pm Apr 12 2017
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