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 A bit of fun (I hope)
Sue Pullen    6:47am Apr 18 2017

Well boredom has truly set in and I fwill uni myself writing a poem about my broken ankle. Hope you find it fun!


Let me speak, in hushed tones
About my tale of broken bones.
A tale of ouchies, eeks and oohs
As I lost my footing, but gained the blues.

So listen to my tale of woe
About the time that I did go.
Awoken by some strange nightmares
I tiptoed, gently, down the stairs.

Now, I know that you may snigger,
That I was wishing I was Tigger.
And mostly, because, of all things
His bottom is made out of springs!

How I would have bounced downstairs
Not just one; I'd bounce in pairs!
One, and two and three and four
I'd have landed, gently, on the floor.

Instead I bounced from wall to wall,
Stairway, kitchen, and the hall.
Lumping, bumpily, I fell down
On the floor, in my nightgown.

I heard a crack! A crunch! A moan!
As the fall broke bone from bone.
Dizzy, fizzy, how my head spun
It was so not fun-fun-fun!

Like Humpty-Dumpty, I'd cracked my head
And onto the floor, it quickly bled.
Off to the hospital I quickly went
Blue lights flashing, my foot all bent.

And now I sit here on the mend
My leg in pieces, TV my friend.
Next week's excitement, oh-so-daring
I will try partial weight bearing!

If all goes well, in 4 weeks more
I'll be wiggling on the dance floor.
So much fun, it'll be a blast
And this broken leg will be in the past.

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 A bit of fun (I hope)  new
Sue Pullen  6:47am Apr 18 2017
 Re: A bit of fun (I hope)  new
Maree  3:01am Apr 22 2017
 Re: A bit of fun (I hope)  new
Katherine Garrison  6:46pm Apr 25 2017

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