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 tib/fib fracture
Bob W    10:25pm Sep 17 2017

My story: August 16th 2017.
Well the day started out good, my wife and i decided to take the ferry to Block Island for the day on my motorcycle, ride around, get lunch, go to the beach...
Well after a beautiful ride around the island in which i saw 1 wipe out on a rented scooter, lunch and another ride we pulled into the beach parking lot: BAD IDEA !!
i was turning very slow to get in a space when i hit a soft patch of sand and DOWN we went. I failed to put my left leg out and it got caught/twisted under the weight of my 800 pound bike. I heard a loud CRACK and immediately knew it was broken. My wife didn't get a scratch thank god.
I have a high tolerance for pain and this was the worst i have felt. Even worse than when i had a tibia plateau fracture 6 yrs ago ( another bike accident).
There was no way i could put weight on it or ride it back to the ferry, Sooo i went in the ambulance to the Medical center where they took xrays and confirmed a couple of breaks. Put a splint on and said go to an ortho dr.
I went to UMASS Memorial in Worcester Ma and they said i needed to get screws/plates in both tib and fib but the swelling was too bad to do it then, especially since i have Type 2 diabetes. After 2 more appts to check swelling surgery was scheduled for Sept 5th. Surgery went well, i only needed to have 1 plate and 5 screws in the Fibula.
I ended up staying 2 nights due to potassium issues. At my 1 week follow up my wound was healing well so i got a hard cast put on and was told stitches could come out in 2 wks and then another 4 weeks with cast and NWB.
The pain of the broken bones and surgery is getting better but i still take the pain killers and gabapentin , as well as Xanax which i started to take 2 days after the accident because I CAN NOT STAND A CAST/SPLINT!!!!, i feel clostrophobic and was/am very anxious just sitting around and my brain going a mile a minute.
I am going to try to get my Dr to let me have a Bi-valve cast after the stitches come out, not sure if it will be stable enough though.

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 tib/fib fracture  new
Bob W  10:25pm Sep 17 2017

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