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 Re: Broke ankle
Adam Trevena    12:36pm Nov 9 2017

Hello Shannon, your story is horrific I hope you are staying positive. Your leg will recover in time you must not forget that. I fractured my Calcaneus (Heel Bone) 3 weeks ago while Mountain Biking, I to had never broken anything and have always been an active get up and go type of person. The pain has been horrible, but I have avoided surgery. Although I am struggling to come to terms with the fact I may be on crutches for another 9 weeks and my mood and outlook changes from minute to minute Iím trying to stay positive.

Although frustration is my main concern at the moment I also have the nagging thought at the back of my mind, what are the long term ramifications of the injury and what if my foot is never the same again? The way I look at the situation is whatís done is done I canít change that, but I can determine how I recover by eating the correct food types and doing exactly what the experts advise. Staying positive is important as well.

I am also scared depressed and feeling sorry for myself they are natural feelings after such a difficult injury, donít feel guilty for feeling like that. All the best and hope you post an update on your recovery. Adam.

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