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 I can't believe it happened to me, I broke three bones:(
Melissa a    7:34pm Jan 7 2018

Hey so I'm reaching out online because I don't know anybody that's been thru something like this and I feel really alone. And I'm really really bored. Here it is: I broke three limbs when I flipped my snowmobile. My boyfriend was on the back but only got scratches and bruises. I, on the other hand, was not so lucky because I got hit by the snowmobile and a tree when it rolled. It really sucks because I have a broken humerus and radius in my left arm (fiberglass cast from fingers to upper arm), broken left tibia and fibula (fiberglass cast from my toes to above my knee), and finally a broken fibula and talus in my right ankle (fiberglass cast form my toes to just under me knee).They're all "good" breaks meaning they're clean and so recovery should go well and the pain is getting much much better but right now I'm very immobilized in three casts. I'm typing this one handed on my laptop right now sitting in my wheelchair. I moved back with mom and dad during my recovery since I can't do much for myself; I'm a kindergarten teacher but I'm taking the rest of the year off. Once my arm heals and I get a boot for my right leg I should be able to start walking with crutches but that could still be a couple months from now. They told me to expect lots of physical therapy when the casts come off which I'm nervous about but the good thing is I'm young and should respond well. Bad thing is I'm going to be bored for a while just sitting here in my wheelchair or bed or couch in my parents house. It's really hard for me to get out and when I do literally everybody stares. Anybody else going thru anything similar? Any tips? I'll probably have more questions so expect some additional posts!

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 I can't believe it happened to me, I broke three bones:(  new
Melissa a  7:34pm Jan 7 2018
 Re: I can't believe it happened to me, I broke three bones:(  new
Lauren Mikles  8:44pm Jan 13 2018
 Re: I can't believe it happened to me, I broke three bones:(  new
Samantha young  9:46am Feb 15 2018

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