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 Re: I can't believe it happened to me, I broke three bones:(
Lauren Mikles    8:44pm Jan 13 2018

First of all, I understand and sympathize with your pain. You are not alone, and I can also understand the ďunbelievableĒ part. I still canít believe what I went through was real either. In July of 2017, I went on a mission trip to Palestine (Bethlehem), and figured I would join in on a game of soccer with the kids we were witnessing to. I had never played soccer before. I went to chase the ball and I stepped wrong, and twisted my tib/fib in half. I had to cross the border and have a metal rod implanted in Jerusalem. Then I flew home 6 days later to Georgia. It was a mess.

Basically, youíre going to be helpless for a long time, but youíre very fortunate to have people to take care of you. I already live with my parents, so I was in a good position to be taken care of as well. Itís going to get harder before it gets easier. I was so bored, and going crazy with cabin fever. I had no energy, and had a hard time getting around bc my wheelchair wouldnít fit through my doorways, so I had to keep my crutches on my wheelchair. They fell off every other second bc I couldnít hold onto them and move the wheelchair at the same time. I couldnít carry anything, which was frustrating. But I found that attempting to do things for myself, no matter how long it took, and how ridiculous the process was, helped me to get over my boredom. If it took me ten minutes to figure out how to get a snack, that was ten minutes less that I was on the sofa. And you canít just watch TV the entire time. I played slots on my iPhone. My mom wheeled me out places like the park, to dinner, and even to concerts. My thing was that my boyfriend lived 2 hours away, we were in the honeymoon stages, and I knew we would end up drifting apart. But it did help that I had him to think about. He did eventually call it quits tho once I was better.

I continued to do things like go to church on Wednesdays and Sundays. That helped. I got off the pain meds as soon as possible so that I would be 100% there mentally. Itís six months down the road, and I have a long road ahead of me. But it does get better. I promise. I didnít start seeing huge improvements until I started walking on it though. I still have to elevate my leg on a fluffy pillow bc it feels odd to keep it stick straight on the bed, I still canít feel my knee completely, the ankle still feels like Iíve over exerted myself. You need to come to terms with the fact that you may never feel the same. And literally be ok with that, but pray that you will heal and be better than before and truly believe that if itís in Godís will, then it will happen.

To wrap up:
Stay active
Ask your family to take you places
Donít try to put on a happy face all the time. You need to experience your grief in order to get past it. I made this mistake.
Get off the pain meds as soon as possible
Donít binge watch TV
Understand that this process can take years and find acceptance within yourself
Know that you canít understand why this happened, and thatís okay. We donít always know the answers in life
Donít freak out if Iím a few months, itís still not 100% healed. Walking on it stimulates bone growth. You wonít see major healing till then.
You will go through little odd sensations, but that is completely normal.
Pray. Trust God. And do good.

Hope this helps.

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 I can't believe it happened to me, I broke three bones:(  new
Melissa a  7:34pm Jan 7 2018
 Re: I can't believe it happened to me, I broke three bones:(  new
Lauren Mikles  8:44pm Jan 13 2018
 Re: I can't believe it happened to me, I broke three bones:(  new
Samantha young  9:46am Feb 15 2018

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