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 Re: Advice/ support please .
EdHesson    6:25pm Apr 25 2018

Hi Delia,

I just went through the hardest phase of my life for the past 9 weeks. I triple fractured (spiral) my tibia and had an IM Rod in for permanent measure. First 5 weeks were the toughest. But at the end of week 5, my bone growth rate was fast and proceeded to 25pct WB (and it was just toes). Here now at week 10. Iím one crutching fine, and can do one legged stands in prep for walking. I too donít know what anxiety is, but I did have a brush of depression I think from the over dependence and lack a ability/mobility. Luckily had a a good group of people, and at week 3, post op, my body started telling me it was healing, I canít describe what the sensation was, but I started putting my foot down all the tome and where I could test different level of pressures. I think this helped my bone regrowth, as pressure is the most important thing. Also, when I went to PT for the first time, they were impressed with mobility and strength. The moment I got put into an air boot at 10 days. I attempted to begin moving my ankle. Do it as soon as you can! Fight through the pain and anxiousness. Even if the doc didnít recommend it, wiggling toes, and beginning circles is so important. The atrophie of my muscles in my leg and immobility of my tendons are the biggest issue. At this point, week 10, I no longer have bone pain or screw pain. Though I did keep my foot down a lot and where I could press down did (weeks 2-5) I did ice during this period through the cast and elevated at night. On the shower, I have a walk in with a step-over. I bought a shower chair (best thing ever) and placed some rubbber padded foot stools around the entry. Though I had a threshold to cross, I trusted the rubber purpose grips of the chair and reversed into it. Absent of a chair, in the beggining I did crawl in and showered on the floor. Iím looking forward to getting back golfing and hitting the slopes in winter. I have a PT that does therapy for Olympic athletes in my area, find one that specializes in sports. Do the homework physio. It all gets better. Take a lot of gelatin, vitamin D, multi, and calcium, keep a healthy diet, your body needs nutrients and rest. Take it a week at a time.

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 Advice/ support please .  new
Delia Silver  7:24am Apr 15 2018
 Re: Advice/ support please .  new
EdHesson  6:25pm Apr 25 2018
 Re: Advice/ support please .  new
Carmen Barfield  10:14am May 7 2018

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