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 Broken Fib and Tib - 2018
Colinr2d2 (2.31.135.---)   2:01am Jun 7 2018

Hi all,

Sadly I broke my tibia and Fibia bones.

I had surgery at the hospital and they inserted a metal nail/rod into my tibia.

They said to me that the fibula will fix itself over the coming weeks as itís still broken and I feel it when moving around! My initial understanding was that Fibula bone will take six weeks to heal, but this hadnít been the case?

I recently saw my consultant and he has given me another six weeks off from work in order for the bones to heal. He has also mention that I should not Weight bear for that 6 weeks period. Although, he did also mention I can put 30% of my weight on it when at home. I do wear a protective boot when Iím outside but not at home. Does anyone wear they boot indoors?

Iím concerned that the fibula will not heal, because I am walking around with crutches and Iím constantly feeling it moving around and clicking. Iíve seen the x-ray and it doesnít look different from my previous x-rays which again was taken six weeks ago.

My questions to anyone out there with the a similar situation as me, is it true the fibula bone heals with the tibia as mentioned by the doctors, or do you need surgery/ operation later on if it doesnít heal?

My next question is has anyone tried to put a bandage round the fibula area to help it to heal quicker, maybe putting it on during the day and take it off at night time?


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 Broken Fib and Tib - 2018  new
Colinr2d2  2:01am Jun 7 2018
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Longlegs  3:54pm Jun 26 2018
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Breda  8:43am Jul 17 2018
 Re: Broken Fib and Tib - 2018  new
Veronique  9:06am Nov 11 2018

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