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 Broken tibia incision healing
sally maclaughlin    11:05am Feb 8 2019

Hi Everyone,
I was in a car accident Nov 4. Broke my tibia. Spent 12 days in hospital. Had an Ex Fixator for 10 of those days until the swelling went down then they were able to do surgery again and place plate and screws in leg. Recovery was going well until Mid December then my leg got infected, back in for surgery right before xmas. 4 more days in hospital. However, things are healing real nice. The long incision is scarring and most scabs have come off. Swelling is down too. Last week I transitioned to a cane. Dr allowed full weigh bearing again 13 weeks since accident. Its been quite the adjustment to train my brain I can use my leg again. Its going slowly!! in the past few days I noticed my ankle and lower shin have been achy. I figured its from using those muscles again. But now my scar ( which still has a scab) near my ankle is red and slightly puffy. I'm kind of freaking out cause I'm scared of an infection again and I've come so far. But then again I'm wondering if its caused by my muscles being active again?? There's no puss or discharge. Looking for reassurance from others if this is normal. DO the scars change over time with colors and swelling? Thanks in advance. Any advice is appreciated : )

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 Broken tibia incision healing  new
sally maclaughlin  11:05am Feb 8 2019
 Re: Broken tibia incision healing  new
meddian  9:11am Jan 25 2020

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