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 Slipped on ice out jogging - Spiral Fracture on Tibia and Fibula
Michael Davison    11:12am Apr 5 2019


My name is Mike and I'm from Toronto, Canada. On March 17th, 2019, I went out for a jog in the morning around the vicinity of my neighbourhood. The weather was mild, but a bit cool with the appearance of a little bit of ice due to the colder temperatures overnight. I make it a habit to run on the road, as there is usually less ice and other elements that could pose as potential dangers.

My jog was normal and I experienced no issues up to this point. The last 300 yards of my run, I sprint half the distance and walk the remaining 150 yards to cool down before going back in the house. The end of the sprint takes me off the road and my momentum carries me on to the sidewalk. Well, little did I know, that there was a thin sheet of black ice that I didn't see on the sidewalk. The speed that I was travelling and the fact that I didn't see the ice, meant that my right leg slipped and my body fell forward. My left leg planted itself in an attempt I presume to prevent my fall. I heard a large crack and I fell forward on the ice. My first thought was that I had fractured my ankle, because the significant pain I felt at the bottom of my leg. Adrenaline and shock immediately took over. I sat up on my bottom and attempted to pick up my left leg to identify the source of the injury. I recoiled when I saw that my shin was in a 90 degree position, and my foot was pointing the wrong way. This terrified me and I immediately began screaming for help. Luckily a neighbour came out of their house and asked if I was okay. I yelled to call 911. Paramedics showed up and told me right away that my leg was in a deformed state, and that I needed to be rushed to emergency. I was taken to my local hospital where they conducted X Rays and confirmed that I had suffered a sprial fracture to my tibia and fibula. The doctor in emerg said that my leg had to be reset before surgery could be schedule. They performed a conscious sedation and reset my leg in the hospital. I would wait another 3 days in the hospital before my orthopedic surgeon would perform an Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) on my broken leg. An IM nail was inserted into my tibia along with with two plates and 4 screws to hold it in place. No hardware was necessary to line up my fibula to begin healing. I was kept in the hospital overnight after surgery and discharged the following morning. The doctor said no weight bearing for the next 6 weeks. That meant crutches and a wheel chair to get around the house.

It's now been two weeks since surgery and my doctor said that I am coming along just fine. He was happy with the healing of my incisions and said that my surgery was a success. I'm now at home and finding it difficult to adjust. I started working from home which has been a nice distraction, but because of the pain, I have a hard time concentrating at certain points. I know that I need to be patient, but its definitely not been an easy adjustment. I am a person who is very active and goes to the gym regularly. Not being able to exercise has created a lot of pent up negative energy. To make matters worse, my wife is 7 1/2 months pregnant, and I have two year old who doesn't understand why Daddy isn't running around and picking him up. This has been the hardest part to deal with during recovery.

Anyways, this is my story up to this point. I'm thankful that this page was created to share our experiences with one another. I plan on being active on this board, and will share updates throughout my recovery. Below is a timeline of story.

03/17/2019 - Break Tibia and Fibula due to a slip on ice. Doctor confirms spiral fractures on both bones.
03/20/2019 - ORIF procedure conducted to fix my leg. IM Nail, two plates, and four screws inserted.
04/03/2019 - Back at the fracture clinic for more X Rays. Confirmed ORIF procedure was a success and incisions healing well

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 Slipped on ice out jogging - Spiral Fracture on Tibia and Fibula  new
Michael Davison  11:12am Apr 5 2019
 Re: Slipped on ice out jogging - Spiral Fracture on Tibia and Fibula  new
Marina  1:12am Jun 3 2019
 Re: Slipped on ice out jogging - Spiral Fracture on Tibia and Fibula  new
Michael Davison  7:51am Jun 12 2019

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