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 Re: How long till I can walk again?
ayse    11:23pm Nov 7 2019

Dear Melissa, first of all, I am sorry for your injury. Second, you most certainly will not stay this way forever!! Please forget about that!!Third, let me share my experience:

I broke my fibula 10 weeks ago. After 5 weeks in cast and then 5 weeks in boot gradually increasing weight to full I am now out. I also am supposed to start walking properly. Before telling me to walk in his office he did a very painful massage on the leg muscles which he said will induce a state of minor inflammation and as the muscles recover from it while I am practicing walking they will settle in the correct way. Believe it or not it worked! Now while working on walking I do not really have pain on those muscles he kneaded but only on others. Also had told me that making correct steps with the bad foot is in the beginning more important than putting all the weight on it. So to do the heel-flat-toe sequence and with the toe pushing back as I straighten my knee for a moment. He said i have to do this thousands of times until the brain re learns and also the muscles get stronger. So if hurts but it works I think. Bottom line is if you did not already do so talking to your doc or z good physiotherapist is essential I think.

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 How long till I can walk again?  new
Melissa D  12:33am Nov 7 2019
 Re: How long till I can walk again?  new
ayse  11:23pm Nov 7 2019
 Re: How long till I can walk again?  new
Melissa D  12:19am Nov 9 2019

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