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Fraser : Physiotherapy
Diary entry posted Wed 11:46am 19 October 2011

Well it's a week since my last update, so that makes it 7 weeks and one day since my operation, 7 weeks and 4 days after the accident and 1 week and a day since my cast came off.

My physio is pleased with my progress, he said he cannot believe the difference from last week. My ankle last week was so swollen and did not look healthy at all, but all week I have been working really hard in the gym and doing my exercises/stretches and it really has made a difference. My ankle has got more definition and I can see the veins and tendons on my foot which is great!

My scars had started healing onto the bone so my skin wasn't really gliding like it does elsewhere, so he did some very hard massage to get them to move. Now that was real pain! Luckily the scars are healing quite well and he said my range of movement is almost as good as my healthy ankle.

I can now walk without crutches, but they are very small steps. For longer distances I need to limp or use crutches but my physio said that he would much prefer that I walk with crutches rather than limp as that can lead to other problems.

So, all being well, I should be OK to go skiing mid December, although he said I wouldn't able to ski fully until the end of January. All I know is that I need to keep working hard and keep my goal in sight!

I cannot recommend physiotherapy highly enough, it has really sped up my recovery and answered any questions I had. I really think it's worth it.

Hope everyone is recovering well!

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 Wed 11:46am 19 October 2011
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