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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Feel your pain!
Posted by Gabriel on Sat 3:28pm 23 July 2016


How are you doing?

That sounds really bad. Hope your surgery was successful and that you are having a stress-free recovery.

It's been 6 weeks now since my surgery. Things are slowly getting better. On my 2nd week the cast was replaced by a orthopedic boot, and on the 4th week I started bearing some weight, still with the crutches.

Now on the 6th week I started PT, with contrast showers while moving my ankle as homework.

My joint is really stiff, I can't move my feet in some angles. I feel like some of the metal might be on the way, but time will tell if it will get better.

Swelling is better, taking a quick glance it looks normal, but too much time with my feet down and it will get some swelling and a different color.

Well hope you are all good.

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 Sat 3:28pm 23 July 2016
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