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Glxpassat : Changed Life After Breaking my Tibia and Fibula
Diary entry posted Mon 4:35pm 6 January 2014

May 25, 2013 - A group of us were camping at a designated OHV riding area. I was super thrilled to experience camping with my boyfriend, family and friends. We had been riding earlier; heading back to base camp to hang-out. A few of us, myself included decided to go jump on some more trails. I was in the back; trying to keep back from all the dust blowing in my face, making it hard to see. The past week had been dry with no rain. These roads were gravel, with little vehicle travel; making the gravel extremely loose. I went around a corner loosing complete control; flying off the road down a steep embankment; hitting a tree and finally getting thrown off the quad into a cold creek.

Once I finally came around, the most excruciating pain in my life hit me. My leg was turned in the other direction. I completely freaked out, not sure what had just happened? I knew that my leg was severely broken, but with the riding boots, I wasn’t able to see if it was a compound fracture or not. I saw one of the guys looking down in horror, then my son was standing next to him! I’m so glad they found me, because of the location!

I will never forget seeing the expression on my boyfriends face; at the top of the road when he arrived with others. They were trying to make their way down to where I was. I’m sitting in an ice cold creek, in serious shock from what had just happened. Once they got to me, I was told, "we have to get you to the top of the road in order to get to where there's cell service." As they proceed to get me up the embankment, my riding boot being very heavy was flopping around; feeling and hearing the bones crunching inside, while trying to carefully move me. I myself had to force my body to stand, while my boyfriend and his son were holding onto me. They kept telling me to work with them, as it was the only way to get me out of there, but, the incline being so steep; brought forth the most indescribable pain.

Once at the top, they finally could get me in the back of his truck; having his daughter in-law holding my leg in place; avoiding any additional movement, or pain then what I was going through. All my riding gear was still on, as-well as my helmet. I didn’t want my helmet taken off, because of the pulling force. We had no warm blankets; being May, the weather was still chilly. They were driving as slow as they possibly could, with every bump being such an agonizing feeling. Finally got to a point where 911 could be contacted. Once the ambulance arrived, the paramedics kept asking me all kinds of questions, and I was soooo out of it. A police officer was evaluating all circumstances of the accident. Finally got into the ambulance. All I wanted was for them to take my wet clothes off, and put a blanket on me - but it was question after question. Finally, (still no pain meds, or blankets on me) they start working on getting my riding boots off. Now these were difficult to get off under normal circumstances, but now they had to some how take the boots off with my broken leg. No one had taken them off previously, as there was concerns I might have an open fracture. The agony of pulling my boot off, felt like my leg was being ripped off. 45 minutes later, I got all my riding gear pulled off, a warming blanket, and some sort of pain medicine. We were about an hour away from a hospital. I just remember kinda coming in and out. I think it’s from the intense pain?

Once at the hospital, surgery was scheduled for the following morning. I was pretty scared; not sure what was to follow, but the condition I was in at that given moment, I knew I would at least have my leg set in the correct position.

The night was unbearable; even with all the drugs given. Every time I had to get resituated, the movement from talking, or even breathing would make the pain of the bones hurt. I really was stuck on my back, so not being able to move was hard.

In the early morning, I was wheeled off to have the surgery; still not really aware of what would be taking place? from past surgeries, I remember how I hated waking up, still really numb. The sensation was what I hated.

I woke up, feeling really good… of course I just had surgery and was still under some of the anesthesia, and the bones weren't moving like before. During the next three days, I simply don't remember too much, due to the large amount of pain medications being given. I also had a physical therapist start on the stretching of my ankle, and knee. I had been told these two areas can be problematic for freezing up quickly.

Three days later, I was considered ok to be released back home, as the pain management was now under control. My boyfriend took me to his house during the healing process. =)

May 31 – Felt pretty good first part of the day, had some company, but later in the day started to feel nauseated. My stomach also felt horrible; ending up spending 4 hours throwing up and having uncontrollable bowel movements; later spiking over 101 fever. I was miserable unable to leave the bathroom, in massive pain; especially with my leg in a non-elevated position. I had been staying at my boyfriend’s house since leaving the hospital, but all I wanted was my mom. She finally was able to get over to his house; seeing how sick I was. Someone ended up calling 911. Once the paramedics came they were able to get an IV started as the dehydration was a serious concern with me at this point.

At the hospital(again) it was deemed I had a serious infection going on from the surgery (see below image around the kneecap); hence all fluids being expelled from my body and temperature. I was then readmitted back to the hospital for another 3 days

This was the worst. I had a morphine drip, and fluids being pumped through me, but this time I wasn’t catheterized, so I was having to get up every few hours, and getting up to use the bathroom was a very intense and painful process!

June 3,2013 - After getting a nice injection in the 'ole tummy, I finally was released for the second time, with the infection finally under control. You have no idea how awesome it was to hear. I hated being at the hospital!

I spent the next two weeks at my boyfriends house before finally moving back to my house; which is a two story house. I was nervous about being there by myself, but it was time to let him have his house back! I know during the months, once I could return to work; which was a desk job *THANKFUL* I would get picked up from work, come home elevate my leg with ice! I used all my vacation and sick time on being out. It was beautiful outside as it was now summer. My boat in-which I had just un-winterized, was just sitting, and I was stuck inside. There were times I would just cry, unable to get down the stairs, my parents were gone, and since I have children, and a boyfriend, I really only socialize with them, and no friends to speak of - in order to come over to sit and talk with.

September 6, 2013 – I had a rough night dealing with the pain. Not too much sleep. I am feeling depressed at the pain level continually nagging at me. I’m told not to take the Vicodin so much, but I have to go to work. Once I take some, I feel much better. Still have some pain, but it’s more manageable at the moment!

September 9, 2013 – Feeling good. Decided to try doing the whole “one crutch” thing today, and I was really surprised at how little pain I am feeling, while putting weight on the break!

September 10, 2013 – Maybe I over did things yesterday, but I feel exhausted, and after having my physical therapy; decided to go back to two crutches. I hate days like this! Especially when you’re trying to work, and you simply can’t!

November 13, 2013 – Speaking with my doctor, we determined with all the ankle pain and limitation of ankle movement, we would remove the screws. I have an appointment scheduled November 22nd.

November 22, 2013 – Had the screw removal surgery. It ended up taking my surgeon longer than expected; close to an hour. Apparently from all the tissue/tendon damage; being the culprit and the way they healed. I was also told I would need to be non-weight bearing for about 3 days, from what was supposed to be a simple surgery; turned into more intense surgery. The doctor was unable to easily remove the hardware.

November 25, 2013 - Finally able to start walking with a cane, I certainly could feel I now actually had ankle movement, and the pain wasn’t there. I was elated!!!!!!

November 27, 2013 – Having a lot of Achilles pain; mostly on the left side, with some sciatic nerve pain. Not sure if it has anything to do with post surgery, but I wasn't having any problems previously????

Apparently I can't post anymore as I ran out of room. If you would like to view the rest of this, and continue to follow, you can view my blog: http://myquadingaccidentmay252013.blogspot.com/

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 Mon 4:35pm 6 January 2014
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