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Comment : Tibia plateau, oils, my story.
Posted by Lisa_L on Mon 11:10am 4 July 2016

Hi Helen,
I hope you are now bearing weight? First, I want to answer some of your questions. I would recommend using Arnica on any scars or painful areas. I have been experimenting with essential oils for both inflammation and sleep. I just googled and read reviews on which ones people liked. I use ginger oil on my right knee. I love DoTerras lavender, wild orange and Bergamot essential oils for sleep, but everyone is different.

On August 5, 2015, I fell over a rock and twisted my ankle as I went down. Tibia plateau fracture. The doctor in Bend, Oregon sent me back to Portland, Or where I would recover to get it dealt with. Said it didn't need surgery. It took 10 days to get in to see an orthopedic surgeon here in Portland, and by then, my foot had dropped. I ended up with a blood clot behind my knee which they found in surgery, August 19, and they inserted a plate and two screws. For the foot drop, I had a cast put on. By late October, I was up in Anchorage, Alaska, working with a chiropractor who just does ART- active release therapy. This doc is amazing and works out all the supra tight muscles and guides you through the reality of this break. It is slow. Like watching paint dry.
By Dec, I was not able to bend my knee past 90 degrees. I had an MUA - manipulation under anesthesia. Put you to sleep, reef on your knee, and you go to PT every day for 10 days straight... Then 2-3x a week for forever after, it seems. I couldn't go to work (work at a school) until March 15. This pain has been exhausting... Was having some good days, then some bad days, but now it's just hard to sit or stand for long periods of time.
July 7, the plate and screws are coming out. Praying this finally relieves me of much of my suffering. 3 mos of full time crutches, another two months using a cane... Now one more surgery. Come on leg, don't fail me now!!

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 Mon 11:10am 4 July 2016
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