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Hunter : Vacation Souvenir
Diary entry posted Mon 2:46pm 19 February 2007

We were excited. My husband and I were heading out west, just the two of us, for a week of skiing. We got to Park City, Utah on MLK Day and got settled in. On Tuesday, January 16, we hit the slopes.

It was cold in Utah and there was a crust of ice coating the slopes. It was early in the day when I went down. I heard a pop, but didn't think much about it. My right knee hurt, but I could ski down ok. It only hurt when I walked. So, we took a break and I convinced myself that I just twisted it funny. My knees aren't used to skiing. We went to the other side of the mountain after lunch. We were on a narrow, shady run when I hit a patch of ice. I tried to turn out of it, but, that knee that I had twisted earlier couldn't handle it. This time when I went down it was much worse. The ski patrol came, splinted my knee and skied me down to the mountain clinic. From there it was to the Park City clinic where I was x-rayed. Broken tibial plateau and a possible torn ACL.

Utah doctors splinted me up in a full leg cast/ace bandage wrap. I stayed in the condo until Saturday when we flew back to Atlanta. Fun in a full cast.

Monday I went to the Orthopedic clinic. A brace, an MRI and a CT were ordered. Took a couple of days to get all that done and in to meet the surgeon. He's hard to get in to see. A good sign a presume. In the end... yes, tibial plateau fracture, torn MCL not ACL. Halfway good news anyway. Surgery finally on January 30. No screws needed... Hurray!

Now, on February 19, I'm in the brace, bending my knee quite a bit, but putting no weight on it. I'm going back to work on Thursday. I'm easing back in with a shorter schedule for a few days. Some people say I'm going back too soon. But, I think if I sit in my house much longer I will go crazy. I need a function. I know I'll be tired at first, I just need to get back my stamina.

And.. it doesn't really hurt all that bad. This is the second time I've broken this same leg. The first time, 17 years ago, was my femur. That hurt way worse.

So.. back to work and trying to get back into a routine. Here's the thing. I go to work at midnight. I produce a morning news program. Much like the Today Show or Good Morning America. Like I said, I'm easing back in. Wish me luck!

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 Mon 2:46pm 19 February 2007
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