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Comment : Re: My break was on the 15th of April text
Posted by jim on Wed 8:38am 4 August 2004

Heres the text... sorry for the link that did not work..

Sorry to hear about your break!!
This may make ya laugh!!
This is what I wrote a while back
to a internet web site for bikers
on about mid April 2004..

Just a short note to remind everyone of a very important rule.
I was working on my babe in the garage, and had installed new handlebars
and a few other goodies to make my riding in the spring a better experience.
The handlebars that came stock on my 2003 Sportster were drag bars.
I've hated them since I got the scoot and wanted to change them since the
purchase of this scoot. So I got a set of stock bars (stainless) for the regular
sporty. They have a slight rise (3 inches maybe) and a slight pullback.
Nothing radical, just not flat like drag bars. Even with the slight change I
had to replace the front brake hose, with the stock being about one inch short.
(of course murphy's law is still in effect here.) With everything including new
graphics on and ready to go I had to bleed the front mastercylinder and hose
to get the brake to work. Looking around I saw I had plenty of brake fluid in
a bottle on the shelf in the front, on the right in the garage. Scoot was in the
way to retrieve it so... I hopped on the bike, put up the kickstand and backed
it up the needed two feet to get by the front end and get the fluid.....
Thinking in my old age that I had put down the kickstand I let the bike slowly
down on the left side.... Guess what??...

Scoot got very heavy as I tried to correct for my brain fart... The next thing I
was aware of were a two distinct cracking noises in my left lower leg..
Followed by my dropping the scoot and myself to the garage floor.
I knew the leg was broken... and under the derby cover of the scoot....
My next thoughts were of being unattached (so no one would look for me till
my date that night) and being found schriveled up with my leg under the scoot
about one month later. Guessing that the neighbors may complain about the
smell coming from the garage..... It was now time to lift the bike enough to get
out from under it and get help... I did somehow manage to lift it up and slide my
leg out from under it. I seem to have a slight memory of that but not much...

The thing that was on my mind now was the fact that in trying to stand up I could
see that my leg seemed to have a new place that it bent... about four inches above
my ankle...interesting... added to the fact I heard and felt crunching while trying to
do so... The pain was bad, but not too bad as the stupidity factor had set in.
Having been shot twice in southeast asia in the USMC I'm able to handle pain..
pain...been there.....(I also have an ex-wife).....

Time to drag my self out of the garage and get help..... The driveway is about 130
feet long........ Well... out at the street finally......whew.... Now I am franticly trying to
flag down passing motorists in cars... and getting blank stares, to a sort of
"Miss America" wave back from them. It had been raining for the past few days with
today being a break in the poor weather, and a nice sunny day. Were they thinking...
"Nice day to be sunning yourself waving at people laying in your the driveway"???.....
Finally a neighbor came home and parked in his driveway about two houses down
the street. He was nice enough to call 911 and about ten to fifteen minutes later I was
on my bumpy way to the hospital... "Shattered" both bones in my leg... Working from
the knee down, they installed a titaniun rod inside the bone and six screws to hold it all
together (I'm diabetic and would have not done well with a lot of surgery at the ankle...)
Doctor says I will not walk for six months....
(Just about the riding season here near NYC,....RATS....(*&V6^%*$%##>&$@!!!!!!)
At home in the bed now thinking... Had I not heard this rule before??
I haven't been a rider for long... only since the 70's.... Still a newbie I guess....
I gotta remember the rule.....
Check the kickstand!!!!!!......... ouch..


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 Wed 8:38am 4 August 2004
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