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Comment : Comparing experiences
Posted by Ruth on Sat 5:42am 22 October 2005

Hello Julie,

I have just been reading your diary and looking at the photographs of your car and leg after the crash...you have had a very bad time.

Your accident happened just six days after mine, in which I broke my right tibia and fibula at the ankle, which I also dislocated, causing some ligament damage (even though I only slipped on some wet grass!) Fortunately my ankle was not too swollen, so they were able to operate the same night. I had two metal plates screwed into the fibula and a couple of screws put into the tibia - so not quite as much as you - and I was only kept in hospital for five nights.

However, I can relate to a lot of what you described: the pain, the frustration about being able to do so little around the house (and everything taking three times as long to do) and the flashbacks to the time it happened. It felt very odd to return to the grassy slope where I fell while taking a short cut: an accident that needn't have happened. Each time I pass it, my eyes are drawn to the spot.

I was interested to read in your update of 12th Oct that 13 weeks after the accident your ankle was still very swollen and that you were having pain in your calf muscle, as I am experiencing the same, and it's now 15 weeks since I broke my ankle. (My Achilles tendon also seems very tight.)

Do let me know how you get on with the aqua therapy. On Monday I'll finish my six sessions of twice-weekly hydrotherapy (as we call it here in England), which has not helped me at all - in fact it has made the pain, swelling and stiffness in my ankle worse each time I've been in the pool, so this has been a setback. Maybe the exercises were too strenuous; I don't know. I've arranged to see my physiotherapist next Thursday, to reassess me, and hopefully I'll have some exercises in the gym. You wrote about riding the exercise bike - I think that would be particularly helpful for me too.

I hope you'll keep in touch, so that we can continue to compare our experiences. If you haven't already done so, you might like to take a look at my diary.


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 Sat 5:42am 22 October 2005
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