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Comment : Re: Comparing experiences
Posted by Aussie_Jules on Sun 8:39pm 23 October 2005

Hi Ruth,
Thank you for your message. I am finding it hard to find the time to check this website as often as I would like (with 2 demanding kids!!) but I am going to check out your diary as soon as I can.
The pain in my calf is slowly getting better. I had a scare where the Physio thought I had DVT (deep vein thrombosis) but I have had that cleared at the hospital. I am thinking I may have scar tissue from the car accident on my calf, which may be causing the pain. The Physio seems to think it is from lack of use over the first 10 weeks when I was non weight bearing. Hubby has been massaging it daily for me, which seems to help, however the massages nearly bring me to tears it is so painful. I will keep you updated with how I am going and will check out your diary in the meantime. Once again, thanks for your post and best wishes with your ankle - at least we both know what the other is going through!

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 Sun 8:39pm 23 October 2005
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